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Brothels of Wells, Nevada

Wells, Nevada is a small town that barely straddles the Interstate-80 about 60 miles from the eastern border of Utah. Since the conservative Wendover, Utah, influences West Wendover, prostitution is banned in the area (though after reading a bit online, there is local interest to have brothels on the Nevada side). Supposedly a good number of visitors can come from the Salt Lake area since Wells is the first stop inside of Nevada that has brothels. The two brothels in this town looked semi easy to get to on Google but turned out to be more difficult since a snowstorm had set in and the directions I had found from the street address seemed to be a ways off from the brothels’ red glow I saw in the distance. After speaking with Bella’s on the phone, they directed me easily to the best route to the brothel so I didn’t get more turned around in the snow. 

There are two brothels in Wells: Donna’s Ranch and Bella’s Hacienda Ranch. The two are easily located right next door to each other in case you want to try them both out and see what they have to offer. These brothels are on the other side of the tracks in a more commercial side of town away from any homes and, really nothing else is near by. They are hard to see from the freeway due to a large bridge that goes over the railroad tracks past the truck stops, but once you get over the bridge there is a large billboard that points you in the right direction. You can also visit Bella’s Espresso House on the way in or out of town right off of the same freeway exit. They are the same owners of Bella’s Hacienda Ranch, and supposedly serve some great breakfast (though my coffee was so-so), but the “extras” are served only at the brothel. I’m sure if you get a girl in one of the houses they will sure leave you hungry on your way out of town.

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