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I recently decided to move my blog to my own domain from a wordpress site I wrote in for about a year but add a few new elements to it and definitely keep it up better. I love photography and wanted to share some erotic self portraits with readers while alternating posts of what goes on with me and my life here in Las Vegas.

I am a local Las Vegas escort that has been working for a few years in the unpredictable and interesting world of the sex industry. I like sharing my unique stories and discussing things that happen in my life as an escort. Doesn’t matter what you call it: call girl, prostitute, lady of the night, or escort… it’s my occupation and love to share it with the people who are interested in listening.

Unfortunately I do not take bookings through my blog site due to the nature of my posts where I discuss my sexual encounters for pay. Since this is an illegal thing in Las Vegas (yes, it really is!) I’d like to stay out of trouble and keep my blog separate from my business. I accept questions to my email on my contact page but will not accept bookings. Hopefully my blog will help you have a good experience in Las Vegas by giving pointers, though! It’s the least I can do 🙂

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  1. Nick Says:

    Did you ever have a guy do a naked handstand? 😉

  2. carter Says:

    Do you have any advice on getting good erotic messages in vegas? Besides going to all the asian message parlors in town. I’m a local and love getting mesages with the happy ending. I like knowing what I’m getting though. Interested in finding a girl I like and sticking with her. Any advice on best ways to find girls for this? I don’t trust the ads online. I never trust that the girl in the picture is the girl I’m actually getting.

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