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Agency (or Service)
A company that advertises, usually on the streets of Las Vegas by way of guys handing out cards, using billboard trucks, and handing out magazines that provide girls to be sent to your room for a fee. The price quoted over the phone is the agency fee and the tips are discussed in the room with the entertainer in private once this fee is collected. Sometimes these agencies advertise online as well.
A girl that is sent to a call from an Agency where the client either did not like the girl or gave her the fee and no tips were worked out. This ensures that the Phone Girl has tried every option to receive her tip and try to satisfy the client by having a second choice and only paying one fee.
A call which a girl goes into the room and can only collect the Agency fee but does not get tipped. The Agency usually sends a Backup.
Checking In
Term used when talking to Phone Girl on the phone at the Agency verifying that the fee has been collected and will now talk about tips and entertainment.
Calling On
A term used when an entertainer calls the agency she works for to tell them she is available to go to hotel rooms for clients.
Couple Call
A call where the clients are a couple, whether married, dating, or just experimenting.
A working girl who goes out on her own to score her own client by either hanging at casino bars, walking the street, or hanging out in nightclubs. A lot of girls prefer this method since there is no profit sharing with an Agency but is more risky since it is easy to be noticed by Vice.
Full Service
Term used often by customers to imply sex or a sexual activity that ends with an ejaculation. Most clients use this term as if it is a way around illegal prostitution but it still suggests sex for money.
Girl Friend Experience – This term also has become a broad definition these days. Some people refer to it as an experience that involves any sexual activity like you would with a girl friend. Some say it’s if you are able to kiss and perform oral sex on the working girl with no boundaries like a girl friend would be and then some people just refer to it as a girl who goes out to dinner and dates like a girl friend (this is more well defined as a Courtesan)
A person who partakes of escorts and prostitutes regularly
A girl who works booking her own clients and does not share profit with an Agency
A term used by Agencies that indicates that no fee was collected but no tip was received by entertainer
When a client is successfully booked by telephone and the entertainer is sent to the hotel, but when the girl calls to request for the client to come downstairs, he “no-shows” and sometimes never answers the phone again.
No Permission To Send- Term used by Phone Girls at Agencies that indicates that a client inquired to have a girl and gave out the room information but did not give permission to send a girl over to his hotel. This tactic is used mostly when times are very slow and the phone girl is trying every option to get a guy to have entertainment.
Phone Girl
A girl who answers the phones at an Agency and is like an operator or call center dispatcher who fulfills the client’s requests for entertainers.
A client who has made an appointment for a later date or time to see a girl
Tip Only
A call where the Agency fee has been collected but a girl has not made money yet. Usually indicates to the escort that no fee is to be asked for and they can talk up front about tips and entertainment. This is also called a Backup
The street or walkway where streetwalkers frequent. At times, The Strip, Boulder Highway, or Tropicana Boulevard on the west side of the I-15 freeway have been notorious for having streetwalkers present.

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