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New Blogs To Read…

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

So I have been going through google and my news reader and I just have a good feeling that I am missing some new great escort/sex worker blogs out there. Can anyone recommend any new ones they have come across that aren’t spam ridden or written by a man pretending to be a woman?

(Don’t get any crazy ideas, spammers, I will remove your links to your next biggest viagra site!)

Why do I want to read more blogs? Well I always want to know who and what is going on out there, but besides that it is amazingly SLOW this week here in Las Vegas. After a brief out-of-town trip, I seem to have returned to only dust and tumbleweeds running through town. I’m glad the World Series Of Poker is going on again.. the poker players seem to cheer my spirits up!

Steve Wynn vs Joe Francis: A Tale Of Hookers And Gambling Running Up A Big Tab

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Well it seems as if Steve Wynn is all over the newspapers lately, and not in the best or most appealing way. Besides my previous blog story about being slapped by prostitutes on his own property, him and Joe Francis of the Girls Gone Wild fame have been flinging lawsuits at each other like they are going out of style. Joe has a 2 million dollar gambling debt at the Wynn casino and doesn’t plan paying it off which has resorted the casino in filing a case against him for unpaid debts. Joe Francis comes back with a lawsuit against Wynn and the casino saying that his tab is falsified and Steve Wynn used tactics like providing hookers to run up this debt. Now Wynn and his lawyers have filed a defamation suit back saying that these claims are untrue and are libel.

I just end up giggling at all of this mess that happens in Las Vegas. Only in May the casino had to file suit against Charles Barkley for his $400,000 in gambling debt at the Wynn casino. I think Barkley has since paid it back but has been bad mouthing the casino all over radio shows and appearances that the casino “will get theirs one day”. It’s a casino… that’s their job is to take your money so I can’t think of how they would get “theirs” like something illegal took place.

I had always heard rumors from girls who have worked in Las Vegas for 15-20 years previously as prostitutes and now as girls who answer the phones as escort services, that Steve Wynn used to be notorious for having ladies over at the Mirage in it’s opening hay days and that he was quite a party animal and spender. I am sure he has grown up since then and just likes to make his customers happy now with girls. Do I believe that Steve Wynn falsified documents and the $2 million in debt is untrue? No… I am sure it is completely true because this is not the mob days of doctoring books and the agencies track things really well now. I think Joe Francis has been getting away with a lot of things in the past years with his Girls Gone Wild empire but it’s all starting to catch up with him. Sorry Joe… not everything is for free. Especially girls!

Las Vegas World Series Of Poker Back Again

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

In previous years I have sometimes dreaded the time of the year when the poker players make their journey to the mecca of poker at the Rio during late May through early July. Seems like I would have my run of bad luck when going on calls to the players who wanted girls. They would typically spend between $200-$300 and would request way more than I would give for what they were spending. Sometimes calls have ended up in arguments and quite a few times I just had to take rude comments from them. Maybe a bad day at the tables and I was the first to be picked on! Who knows…

So today marked the beginning of the main event that everyone knows and has seen on ESPN. This year has been different though in a good way on my end. This time the calls from players have been more cordial, more generous financially, and only had two people who decided to pick on me for their bad day. I found it kind of peculiar since everyone has been feeling the crunch of the economy, yet I have been doing better with the players! Ah well… maybe poker players are feeling a little more generous this time around. No complaints from me!

Replies To The Monte Carlo Post

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Wow back from my trip and see people responded quite a bit to my last post before I left.

Since there’s so much to reply to I’ll just make an entry and then in a separate one telling of the horrible situation I had to deal with tonight. What a welcome back to home to Vegas, experience I went through!

Whomever posted as “I”: Unfortunately there’s no easy solution to pin pointing ads on eros or some such as agencies just by looking at them. Even some single girl independent sites are run through services. You just need to call around and figure things out on your own and if the girl who answers says “I answer the phone for the girls” translates to probably being a service. Dealing with services isn’t a bad thing you just have to understand you’re in for paying a little more for someone to send you a girl like room service. Casino/nightclub girls can be an okay bet but always be cautious of who you take back and not knowing even where she came from.

DRR: I have never heard a story like that but I have heard of girls getting fake chips (like what they sell in souvenir shops) and I have had a guy try to give me a chip from a roulette table (same kind of chip for tourney’s). I completely don’t doubt a poker player trying to pull some game like that. .. thanks for reminding me to watch for the annual poker players at the Rio! Can be a good crowd 🙂

jaecyn: Wow really sorry to hear about that… sad to hear you also picked up the phone so easily and resorted to calling security. I really hate it when people don’t just say “hey I don’t like you leave” or some other lame excuse and immediately shoo the girl off. Calling security when you haven’t even given her money is kinda like tattling to your parents when your sister is bugging you. In the end it makes everyone look like an idiot by reacting that way. You did the right thing when you got the phone call from the “driver” … next time just say leave I don’t like you than resorting to such unnecessary measures.

I can’t wait to write about the horrible mess I went through tonight… can’t wait to talk to my lawyer on Monday, too.

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