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Free Erotica

I share my erotica, nude photography, my stories about the ups and downs of being a Las Vegas escort, and this whole site for free.

I only require two things:

#1, you must be at least 18 years of age to view any part of my site. That’s a given. If you are not 18 years old, leave now!

#2, the only other thing that I require is that you don’t just hot-link to a photo. In order words, don’t insert an image tag in your site with a URL to pics on my site as the src=”” attribute in the img tag, without also including a link to my main site or the permalink to my original blog post, in your write-up about the photo. This is a standard request that most all sites make so that they also benefit from people seeing their artwork with traffic to their site, and it certainly is fair, since all my erotica is free.


9 Responses to “Free Erotica”

  1. lasvegascourtesan Says:

    Just to clarify.. this is my free erotica site! I think somehow that got confused that I had a separate one because of the comments… but this is it 🙂 everyone has access just scroll back through my entries!

  2. Joseph Says:

    Thank you for sharing, you are very candid and for that I am grateful. I also like your blogs layout it is very nice.



  3. nicholas Says:

    Interested your juicey connections

  4. jalisa Says:

    not gay, but damn you got curves

  5. Gorgo Says:

    I’m an ex escort. Enjoyed your site very much. Art, & the business truly goes hand in hand. Keep doing what you do. If you’re having a conflict, and need hope, read my continuous short story found on my webpage in the “EROTIKA” section. t

  6. Gary Says:

    Dear Courtesan
    I stumbled onto your site this morning for the firs time and have spent the last few hours reading and getting to know you. I have to get ready for work now or I would write a more extensive post. Suffice it to say it has been good reading and when I have a little more time I will be writing more to you.
    Talk to you Later
    😉 Gary

  7. DEADSHOT Says:

    Now,Where can I find those free Erotica stuff?

  8. Hendry Says:

    I like to give ladies a nice massage about how cool i am especially those who seek a boyfriend.

  9. harry Says:

    i read about your site in an Indian newspaper with some details though sketchy.u r doing excellent job. so frank and so matter of fact arguments.dont u have a plan to visit India. u can be guest at my place – no ulterior motives please.frankness and down to earth thinking of urs has bowled me over.God bless u.

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