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What if…

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

I started writing this on vacation on a text file on my phone because it struck me in some random place in the world one thing that I love about my job: freedom.

I forget if it was in an email or on twitter reply, but one person asked me a “what if” question: What if you quit working, what would you miss the most about your job?

This. I would miss this. Being able to take a vacation and then extend it for whatever amount of time that I wanted. Go wherever I wanted and no one calling me saying I have to get back to work. I had one phonegirl call me since I left to see how was my vacation, I sent her an expensive text back saying that I’m fine and will be back who knows when. I’m off to explore the world.

I would miss not having to tell or explain to people where when or why I am going somewhere, for an extended amount of time. Put in notices in advance to someone or clients (if I owned my own company). There is nothing right now holding me back from going anywhere at anytime when I want. I don’t have to wait for a paycheck when I get back to reset or if I went over vacation days. When I get back I can work and earn immediately.

I know since I’ve been gone one girl was going to leave Vegas and go find a job (adding: I found out since returning that she really has moved on,) in another state and live with relatives. I asked her the same question: What are you going to miss the most? She said the work schedule and making up her own time slots that she preferred. She liked working the swing shift, 5pm to about midnight. She took off when she wanted to spend time at home and always took off Sundays. She has a strong personality and she was concerned that she wouldn’t do well with the sudden change of having a real boss and job where she didn’t earn much. Also the change of earning a paycheck that came after a certain time, not just cash-in-hand. These are some of the same things that would worry me, but I know she could do it and glad she is… best of luck to her.

Now I am back, it’s been hard to be motivated to get back to work. I am feeling better, but the change back to heat and the worst case of jet lag I have ever had (I’m guessing it’s because I was gone for so long,) I’m sure I’ll get back in the swing of things tonight or tomorrow. Now that I think of it, preferably tomorrow because I don’t know if I can deal with the drunken pool party goers on Sundays who have stayed awake since Friday night. Tomorrow it is.

“Give This To The Delivery Guy”

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

It’s seems like it’s more rare for me to be asked something new or to have a call go a different way than the many before. I always like the calls that surprise me and break up the monotony of this job (believe it or not it can get quite boring!) I went on a call in the afternoon at Planet Hollywood. The phone girl had a story before I went in. For the record I don’t like story–telling time before I go on calls because that means there is some excuse or convoluted situation that I have to work around instead of an easy “Here’s the info,” now go upstairs and make money.  The story was the guy in the room does not know I am coming and was booked by another friend as I surprise, but the guy who booked left money in the room for me. Left money in the room for me? Where? How does he know what to leave? I’m assuming he only left the company fee in the room and I’m going on a treasure hunt just to find it. Then this creates an awkward situation for me when I have to explain, “Yea that money your friend left doesn’t go to me, I strip for that, anything else you must pay for,” which sounds like a total bummer of a surprise. This whole mental conversation takes note before I ask the phone girl, “Left money for me? Where? Did the friend know how this works?” She says, “He said he’s been to Vegas before and I have no idea about the location of the money.” See, this is why I don’t like story time before calls.

I go upstairs and knock. Guy has a surprised look on his face, but is on the phone when I come in. He finishes his business conversation while handing me the folded piece of paper marked, “Give this to delivery guy.” Inside is the company fee, nothing more. See, this is what I feared! He finally gets off the phone and I said, “Surprise! I’m your delivery!” he was definitely shocked and yet happy (some surprises have sort of panicked and declined.) He said, “My brother said I had a delivery for my birthday, but I had no idea!” He goes to his computer bag and pulls out a card that says on the front, “Open this when delivery guy gets there.” I cross my fingers that some sort of tip is in there from brother-of-the-year. He asks, “Should I open this now? He said to when you got here.” Yes yes YES! He does, and thankfully a decent tip is in there. Brother scores some points for knowing really how this works and not $30 in an envelope. The now shaking birthday boy says, “Man, I need a drink. So I get to have fun with you now, naked?” Yes, and then some.

Here’s the real surprise to me, this whole time I thought the brother was staying in Vegas as well, but in a different room or different hotel. Come to find out he wasn’t even in the US. The brother had stopped by his house the night before and stuffed the card and message in his laptop bag, then informed him of it later. That was one talented planning job, and probably more than any other call before.

No Thanks, I Like My Job!

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Every so often I get emails, comments on Twitter, or read comments on articles that I was featured in that really come across as hateful or in general sex worker bashing. (Oh, like that’s really anything new.) Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion of prostitution and I respect that 1st Amendment right, however, it seems that since I am a sex worker then I am not entitled to my own opinion or to share my point of view of my line of work with others. Like I glorify it on here only speaking half truths, and maybe I really must hate myself, have Daddy issues, and was really forced into this line of work. Well, none of that’s true (I know the cynics will be disappointed!)

Since I stay up quite late at night, I typically wake up in time for lunch and sometimes eat out at places frequented by local corporate workers in their lunch breaks. I sit in a booth or table nearby and can’t help but hearing their ongoing, mundane conversations. Sometimes I don’t want to hear them, but that’s just too bad because I will be subjected to the woman bellowing out her latest bellyache about some other female employee or some other random drama back at the office. I sit there and I think to myself, is this what the average, anti-sex worker person wants me to do? Be just as miserable as this woman at her boring, dead-end corporate job? Who can’t even relax at a nice lunch for an hour and talk about anything else, maybe even something that’s nice and pleasant? I mean these people I listen to are average Joe corporate America with a “real” job where they go to some office for a set number of hours a day for a set number of days a week. All they can go on about is how they can screw over their boss or company (or government), instead of relaxing during that one hour off to eat. I sit there and think to myself, “If I had that job I would be so miserable and feel so trapped,” and yet in my current job I don’t ever feel that way. I don’t feel trapped, I don’t feel miserable, and I can’t beat making my own shedule. I know “they” all want me to feel that way, or “they” want me to come out and admit that my life is a wreck, but it isn’t, and I won’t ever let it be that way. Of course I have friends that really enjoy their jobs at corporations and the line of work they are in, and I am happy for anyone else who enjoys their job at the same type of place… It’s just not for me.

I had talked previously in a post about the dark side of prostitution and how it sickens me what people to do others with trafficking. There definitely are girls that need to be helped and pimps that need to be prosecuted for forcing anyone into prostitution. Yes, there is a dark side to this business, but there are dark sides to a lot of other businesses too. I recently read somewhere in a news article that the “happy hooker” is just a myth and it’s all a lie. No matter what we are all “victims” of “the game” (I really hate that term!) Sorry, but the girls I know are definitely not a myth and are not miserable. So please go help those who need the help (I would even like to help too), but don’t group us all into the category of being trapped or wanting out. I’m happy right where I am for now, and I can do whatever I want when I so chose.

Brothels of Storey County

Monday, July 18th, 2011

 At last, some nice brothels! Patiently people have been waiting for me to say, “Oh this place is awesome! Everyone should visit here!” Finally, that moment has come.

Storey County is located only 15 or so miles outside of Reno-Sparks (and near the Washoe County line) on the Interstate 80. The World Famous Mustang Ranch and Wild Horse Adult Resort and Spa are the closest brothels to the second largest city in the state. I, like most people, get confused about the locations and proximities of the other famous ranches in northern Nevada, such as the Bunny Ranch, and assume that they are closer to Reno than Carson City. Mustang Ranch and Wild Horse are definitely the closest and by far the nicest brothels on my tour.

The first actual billboard sign I saw for the brothels (and only sort of advertising I had seen in the state) was right outside of Winnemucca. I think the signs were mostly for the World Famous Mustang Ranch and urged truckers and the like to stop in and stay a while. You can’t miss these two brothels at night because of the hundred or so affixed old-school red police car lights on top of the roofs of the brothels. You can sort of see these crazy lights on the roof in the pictures of the Wild Horse. Though the houses are a little distance from the south side of the freeway, they are easy to see and signs help direct you there with no problem. A nice guard greets you at the front entrance to the property, and as you drive in you notice both ranches share a parking lot so it’s easy to walk from one to the other. I started at the Mustang Ranch first then strolled across to Wild Horse to check them both out… I was happy to finally find quality brothels.


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