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Since I’ve been getting quite a bit of traffic and discussion on my blog about Las Vegas brothels and brothels in Nevada, I thought it would be really handy for my readers if I made a complete Nevada brothels map. I have listed as many of the brothels in Nevada that I could find information for online (that also have a website) and in particular, the brothels around the Las Vegas, Nevada area. I also included the Carson City and Reno brothels in this list. All addresses have been physically verified and plotted onto the map to show where these brothels are actually located in Nevada. You might notice that some of the legal brothels are way out in the rural areas of the state. Even the brothels near Las Vegas are a good hour to an hour and a half outside of town, so it helps to have a map if you are going to be driving so you can plan your road trips accordingly (there’s a lot of desert to get lost in)!

I plan to keep this Nevada brothels list updated regularly, so if you are the owner of a legal Nevada brothel and your business is not listed here please email me. If you are just an informed brothel visitor and see something that I’ve missed or something has changed please let me know and I will update my Nevada brothels list right away. Thanks.

Las Vegas, Nevada Brothels

The Chicken Ranch
One of the Nevada’s most famous brothels, the Chicken Ranch traces its roots back to Texas.
10511 Homestead Road, Pahrump, Nevada
(775) 727-5721
Sheri’s Ranch
Right next door to the Chicken Ranch, Sheri’s Ranch is a very nice brothel, and definitely worth checking out.
10551 Homestead Road, Pahrump, Nevada
(775) 727-5916
Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South
300 Appaloosa Lane, Crystal, Nevada
(775) 372-5469
Cherry Patch II (currently closed for remodeling)
Appaloosa Lane, Crystal, Nevada
(775) 372-5550 and (775) 372-5251

Reno and Carson City, Nevada Brothels

Moonlite Bunny Ranch
Due to the popularity of their HBO reality t.v. show Cathouse, Dennis Hof’s Moonlight Bunny is undoubtedly the most famous of all the Nevada brothels. He actually owns a couple of brothels in Nevada and they are both listed here in the Reno and Carson City, Nevada brothels section of my directory list, and now Dennis has bought out a few ranches in southern Nevada.
69 Moonlite Road, Mound House, Nevada
(888) 286-6972
Love Ranch North
95 Kit Kat Road, Mound House, Nevada
(775) 246-7252
Kit Kat Guest Ranch
48 Kit Kat Drive, Mound House, Nevada
(775) 246-9975
Sagebrush Ranch
51 Kit Kat Drive, Mound House, Nevada
(775) 246-5683
World Famous Brothel (The New Mustang Ranch)
This is a new, first class brothel operation. It’s nice, very clean, and they brought in part of the original Mustang Ranch to build the building, which is quite large with a big bar and even a lounge with a dance stage.
1101 Wild Horse Canyon Drive, Sparks, Nevada
(775) 343-1424
Wild Horse Adult Resort and Spa
1000 Wild Horse Canyon Drive, Sparks, Nevada
(775) 343-1224

Northern Nevada Brothels

Wild West Ranch
50 Riverside Street, Winnemucca, Nevada
(775) 623-4999
Villa Joy Brothel (Red Light Lounge)
35 Riverside Street, Winnemucca, Nevada
(775) 623-4444
Donna’s Ranch Battle Mountain
395 North 2nd Street, Battle Mountain, Nevada
(775) 635-2764
Dovetail Ranch
402 Highway 278, Carlin, Nevada
(775) 754-6427
Sharon’s Brothel and Bar
501 Highway 278, Carlin, Nevada
(775) 754-6427
Mona’s Ranch
103 South 3rd Street, Elko, Nevada
(775) 777-7469
Sue’s Fantasy Club
175 South 3rd Street, Elko, Nevada
(775) 777-2088
Inez’s D&D
232 Douglas Street, Elko, Nevada
(775) 753-5398
# 1 Geisha
(still open late 2010 but may be closing due to license issues)
351 Douglas Street, Elko, Nevada
(775) 738-9923
Bella’s Hacienda Ranch
619 8th Street, Wells, Nevada
(775) 752-9914
Donna’s Ranch
679 8th Street, Wells, Nevada
(775) 752-9959

Other Nevada Brothels

Shady Lady Ranch
Highway 95, 31 miles north of Beatty, Nevada
(775) 553-9100
Angel’s Ladies
Highway 95, 3 miles north of Beatty, Nevada
(877) 553-2647

Bikini’s Gentlemen’s Club and Brothel
100 Beatty Airport Road (5 miles South of Beatty), Beatty, NV
(775) 553-9905
Wild Kat Ranch
3 miles south on Highway 95, Mina, Nevada
(775) 573-2521
Big Four Ranch
135 High Street, Ely, Nevada
(775) 289-3844
Stardust Ranch
190 High Street, Ely, Nevada
(775) 289-4569

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