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A Shift In The Las Vegas Casino Prostitutes And Streetwalkers: Always On The Move

So when I go out of town for a few days it’s hard to get back into a writing groove. Worked last night after being gone for the weekend. Apparently I didn’t miss too much and last night was okay though every client seemed to just want to pay the minimum prices. Oh well, it adds up and it’s still more than I would have made by working in a strip club.

So I have noticed a shift in the girls who freelance around Vegas casinos. A lot of times on my blog I have had people ask where to find such girls and where do they frequent. It’s all depending on the month and what I believe to be a change in the security management. I know that such companies as MGM/Mirage switch their upper level staff around until they find a perfect match for the needs of that casino, and I am sure they do the same with security when they see one of their casinos is being overrun with prostitutes and loitering pimps. One month the place to be will be at the Monte Carlo and the girls will be plentiful, then you hear of such stories of girls being written trespassing tickets for being in the parking lot walking to their car, being followed to rooms (which happened to me), or being told to turn around as soon as they walk in the front door. Last night I was walking through the New York, NY Casino after entertaining a client (he didn’t believe bars were open 24 hours) and saw 8-10 hookers loitering between the elevator and the parking garage. Total distance would be something like 20 yards. That’s incredible. It’s only a matter of time until New York, NY tightens their security like they used to have and becomes the next spot girls get harassed.

I am slightly annoyed with these girls and their thought process of how to work. Each girl hears through the grapevine of where to go and what casino is considered good with the least amount of security. It only takes a few weeks before said casino is infiltrated by a horde of girls, like New York NY is experiencing. Quickly the casino tightens up security and the fun is over for everyone. These girls have bounced around so much in these packs that now almost every casino is difficult to get in and out of for us girls who like to be more discreet.

I have also noticed a shift in girls who used to walk the track along West Tropicana Road have moved to the east side of the strip on Flamingo and up along Harmon by the Hard Rock Hotel. The funniest thing I see? Girls walking with their ass hanging out but threw on a pair of sandals or sneakers like it would throw the cops off. Who are they fooling? Not me for sure!

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12 Responses to “A Shift In The Las Vegas Casino Prostitutes And Streetwalkers: Always On The Move”

  1. Sucre Bebe Says:

    They are not thinking-they assume that it will be okay, just go to the next place when things get dicey. Discretion would be the key to them making more money than they dreamed. It seems like the high school bathroom with a gaggle of girls crowding in one place.

    If a man is in the casino, I expect he wants a low-key type of woman. Sexy, classy, not oblivious of how she comes across.

    As for the 3/4 naked girls strolling in sneakers…hahhhaha.

  2. Michael Vo Says:

    Very interesting article, might spice up my Las Vegas trip 🙂

  3. mike caro Says:

    I am not a hobbyist or anything. So i am kinda oblivious to girls who are working. How does one tell if a girl is on the job. so to speak.

    I’ve seen working girls before . but it was very obvious. how do you know if the girl at the hooker bar is , well , a hooker.

  4. lasvegascourtesan Says:

    Eh.. sometimes it’s hard to tell. To me it’s obvious. Girls sitting alone and dressed up for the night but wearing jeans and heels. I always look at the shoes. If they are high stilettos that look painful, then I assume they are working. Most working girls don’t wear super revealing clothes in the casinos.

    Working girls in night clubs though? Hard to pin point

  5. Mike Says:

    I intend on doing mostly gambling when in vegas this weekend. If one were interested in walking through the bar at one of the ITALIAN named hotels, what would the optimum time be to see the sights in the bar?

  6. lasvegascourtesan Says:

    Heh what a funny way to ask a question.. especially since there are oh… 3 different casinos with Italian typed names and one which is throwing distance from Italy (Monte Carlo). Times can range… I’ve seen girls out before midnight and plenty out until dawn.

  7. mike Says:

    I was actually relaxing at the casino bar, not a club, and as you stated you never know whats going to happen. An attractive, very tall, lady started making her prescence know about noon. After a bit she just came up and made small talk. Long story/short she was not my type but they were there. They were actually everywhere.

  8. john Says:

    I agree with all the above comments. I will be out there this week and you never know what will present itself. I am staying out at the Ritz Carlton out at Lake Las Vegas so I have another challenge. If I find the right lady then I either get a room, trust her to go to her locale or take her back to the ritz. All of these dont appeal to me but I think the lesser of all evils is getting a room in town.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

  9. lasvegascourtesan Says:

    Hmm.. good luck with getting a girl to go out there with you. Best bet is to call an agency (before midnight so people don’t feel like they are taking up their best hours driving 40 minutes outside of town) and make sure you have the cash ready since you won’t be near a casino and able to get a cash advance.

    I would suggest getting the room in town so it would be easier for sure 🙂

  10. johnjohn Says:

    Yeah, I’m heading to Vegas next month and I’m staying at the JW Marriott… I was wondering if I’d see anyone working out there. They have a few bars/lounges.

  11. tgs Says:

    I cant find any girls out there? I usually take the east side of lvb
    from flamingo to the start of the venetain. Usually 3am to 6am is the
    best time because girls just seem to stand out the later it is. Just nothing. Some of the casinos i get to around 4 or so; the monte carlo
    front bar (just inside the front doors) I thought was good; nope?
    maybe i got to go to the casinos early as the girls might wonder out
    when it get late (stand out). So, where is the now casino ??


  12. highbear Says:

    My wi8fe is thinking of going out and earning an income in the oldest profession she thinks nevada would bew cool . any sugesstions about getting started especialy for an o0lder ie 46 yo woman?

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