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What if…

I started writing this on vacation on a text file on my phone because it struck me in some random place in the world one thing that I love about my job: freedom.

I forget if it was in an email or on twitter reply, but one person asked me a “what if” question: What if you quit working, what would you miss the most about your job?

This. I would miss this. Being able to take a vacation and then extend it for whatever amount of time that I wanted. Go wherever I wanted and no one calling me saying I have to get back to work. I had one phonegirl call me since I left to see how was my vacation, I sent her an expensive text back saying that I’m fine and will be back who knows when. I’m off to explore the world.

I would miss not having to tell or explain to people where when or why I am going somewhere, for an extended amount of time. Put in notices in advance to someone or clients (if I owned my own company). There is nothing right now holding me back from going anywhere at anytime when I want. I don’t have to wait for a paycheck when I get back to reset or if I went over vacation days. When I get back I can work and earn immediately.

I know since I’ve been gone one girl was going to leave Vegas and go find a job (adding: I found out since returning that she really has moved on,) in another state and live with relatives. I asked her the same question: What are you going to miss the most? She said the work schedule and making up her own time slots that she preferred. She liked working the swing shift, 5pm to about midnight. She took off when she wanted to spend time at home and always took off Sundays. She has a strong personality and she was concerned that she wouldn’t do well with the sudden change of having a real boss and job where she didn’t earn much. Also the change of earning a paycheck that came after a certain time, not just cash-in-hand. These are some of the same things that would worry me, but I know she could do it and glad she is… best of luck to her.

Now I am back, it’s been hard to be motivated to get back to work. I am feeling better, but the change back to heat and the worst case of jet lag I have ever had (I’m guessing it’s because I was gone for so long,) I’m sure I’ll get back in the swing of things tonight or tomorrow. Now that I think of it, preferably tomorrow because I don’t know if I can deal with the drunken pool party goers on Sundays who have stayed awake since Friday night. Tomorrow it is.

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