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Bella’s Hacienda Ranch

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

I stopped into Bella’s Ranch first since it was the nicer looking of the two brothels, and I also couldn’t forget Amanda Brooks’ and Mariko Passion’s stories about working there a few years ago. I walked in and found the bar lively with truckers, girls drinking, and guys who generally wanted to get out of the cold weather and into a warm bar. This was one place that I noticed the girls were actually socializing with the clients instead of keeping their distance like at some of the other houses I visited along the way. The bartendress was very friendly, and like I mentioned earlier, very helpful on the phone. She immediately had a line-up formed of four girls (normally more but the approaching holidays had some girls already leaving town to go home), and I got a tour from one of the girls. The building is similar to most of the brothels in Nevada: manufactured home or trailers pieced together which creates a somewhat confusing layout of the place. The interior was a little dated but not nearly as dated as Donna’s next door. They feature a jacuzzi room that was large and clean, one of the more (perhaps the most) professional looking fetish/bondage rooms I saw on the entire tour, and massage room. Besides the special VIP rooms mentioned, the girls have their own rooms in which they live and have fun in.

At this brothel you discuss private matters in their room after the tour, and I noticed they are more centered on selling time more than selling each act or fetish. Of course every girl was different and the two girls I talked to were very nice, accommodating, and willing to work things out.

It’s Late And Slow But That’s Nothing New For December In Vegas

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Yea tough economic times this and tough times that. The economic situation is the new excuse for clients. I giggle every time I hear someone scoff at tipping for entertainment claiming, “Don’t you know we’re in a recession?” Uhm, maybe so but men still pay for fun so no you don’t get a freebee! I know that casino revenues are down, I know strippers are getting lonely in the clubs, but I think people still know that paying for a girl for sex is a better value than blowing it downstairs or in the club. Yes, it has become more difficult and yes the fall in Las Vegas is a rollercoaster (when *isn’t* this town a rollercoaster?) but overall I have tried to deal by having patience. It seems to be my best trait and it ends up paying off. Sometimes things are out of my control (like clients tonight being overdrawn or forgetting their credit card and ID at the strip club they were just at) but I tend to sit it out and try harder than most other girls. I have tried ditching the more picky and stingy side of me… definitely a positive lesson to learn.

Moving onto something more interesting! Thanks to Simon who emailed me this link to an article on Scientific American about why men buy sex. I found it fairly interesting and thorough but it also made me realize: I’m glad I am a sex worker in the United States. Sounds odd but from the article and the many stories I hear from clients who gloat about getting a girl (or two) all night for $20 in Thailand, or the German clients who get seriously upset when they don’t get sex for the agency fee (since intercourse is often times approximately $100 or less), I couldn’t imagine working some place where I didn’t feel much value due to the amount of money I made. That is also one of the reasons why I felt so bad when I read how much Amanda Brooks was making on her clients at Bellas Ranch. I would feel like less of a person if the money I was making didn’t add up to the work I did. That, to me, is abusive. Anyway, I went off a tangent but the main point is it’s a pretty good article. I think most people here in Las Vegas get girls because they are tired of the games girls play at the clubs and want the no-hassle/no strings attached approach. I think it’s a good idea! (of course)

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