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The Stardust Ranch Brothel

 I was unsure about the status of the Stardust Ranch since it had been closed previously, but had reopened three years ago under a new owner (this sort of ownership change seems pretty common in the brothels across the state). From the front it looks like a regular simple bar to hang out in that is open until around midnight to 2am depending on the crowd, but has a 24hour side door with a doorbell for after hour patrons who are curious to see a girl. The manager at this brothel was very nice and really made me feel comfortable and welcome. I got a tour from the one girl who was there (apparently another girl was on her way from Vegas to work), and she explained to me how interested patrons can get a massage in the massage room while she can negotiate her prices for a party. Though there seems to be no actual negotiation room (like some brothels are required due to local regulations), this is just a method she chooses to relax the clients before carrying on in a different room with a bed. I was also showed a VIP room with a Jacuzzi that I frankly would be scared of stepping foot in. Eek!

The house is small and quaint even with the bar, but seems like it would be easy to stop in at both Ely brothels just to relax and have a drink before you decide if you want to partake in fun with a lady.

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  1. donblackjack Says:

    Ely is one of the few places in Nevada I have never visited. But I might…your review piqued my curiosity but I wonder about any place that doesn’t have a clean jucuzzi–what does that say about the hygiene of the girls that work there? Or they might just say, “skip it…it’s broken and we might get a disease…let’s get down to why you are here…” And I like brick and mortar establishments–even if they’ve been there awhile…

  2. Frank Says:

    Go ahead and tell us more about your road trip. You are a very good story teller.

  3. Chloe P Says:

    Hi, You write:

    “Though there seems to be no actual negotiation room (like some brothels are required due to local regulations)”

    Just a note: the use of negotiation rooms is not due to any local or county regulations.

    Negotiation rooms are mainly used to make sure the prostitutes don’t “short book” a session. That means, turn in less money than the customer spends. (Brothels typically take 50% of what a customer spends.)

    The various brothels use different methods to assure short booking doesn’t happen.

    1) intercom monitoring of all rooms. All the working rooms in the brothel house are wired and the office can flip a switch and hear what is happening in any room. Typically, the lady will call back to the manager that she is going “on tour” and he/she will flick the switch and listen to her negotiations to find out what he customer is spending and make sure she turns in all the money. The intercom is often used to signal the end of the session as well or listen in to make sure the lady is safe if she is with a customer she thinks she might have a problem with.

    2) Negotiation rooms. This is usually a cost saving method that works like the above. The brothel doesn’t have the expense of wiring each room and with only one or two negotiation rooms to use, the cashier or manager has a more manageable work load.

    3) Time Guidelines. No monitoring takes place but the lady is expected to turn in a certain amount of money for the time she spends with the customer. For example, if she turns in $100, the customer’s time is limited to 15 minutes. If he wants an hour in the room, she has to turn in $300. This way the prostitute can’t tell the customer he’s getting an hour for, say, $300, pocket 200 of it and turn in $100. The house can control the time spent in the room.

    4) Fixed prices. The house has a fixed price menu for various services and times. Shady Lady in Beatty works like this.

    5) Offer “bonus bucks”, coupons or VIP-type “frequent fucker” bonuses. If a customer gets a punch card and a punch for every $10 or $25 he spends, or a coupong offering a discount on his next session based on what he spent, he’s going to make sure that amount was registered and applied to his card or the bonus system.

    6) Encouraging the use of credit cards. A lady can pocket cash, but she can’t scam the house out of it’s share if the customer uses a credit card for the session amount. To encourage credit cards over cash:

    a) The brothel can eliminate credit card fees (some brothels charge a service fee or 6% to use a card.)

    b) The brothel can offer discreet billing (a brothel’s name won’t appear on the billing, just a “corporate name”.)

    c) The brothel can eliminate an ATM on the site.

    Negotiation rooms/ monitoring can also be used to make sure the prostitute a) performs a dick check before final agreement of services and price; b) doesn’t offer upfront any illegal services (eg, sex without a condom) and c) to let the brothel management know what the customer is expecting and what the prostitute promises in case there is a dispute later.

  4. lasvegascourtesan Says:

    I was told at two different places that these were local regulations not house rules, maybe the brothels just lied to the girls and told them to say that. This is what I was told, not something I guessed. When I visited the brothels in the same area they all seemed to follow the same rules so I didn’t doubt what I was told.

    By the sound of the rest of your comment, it sounds more and more controlling of what the brothels do to make sure the girl gets the least amount of money, i.e. eliminating ATMs to make sure the house gets more charging fees for credit card use, etc. I totally understand not wanting the girl to scam the house out of their 50% (this is a constant worry for escort agencies here since it’s more of an honor system), but the amount the brothels take at 50% plus room and board (if she doesn’t hit a quota) is more than enough in my opinion.

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