The Las Vegas Courtesan

Big Four Ranch Brothel

 Almost directly across the street from The Stardust, the Big Four boasts to be the longest running brothel in the state since 1920. I found that this claim to fame was often gloated by a few other brothels as well, but I think this brothel has actually been in continuous operation at the same location since the early 1900’s while others have been sort of on again-off again since the late 1800’s but moved or changed names along the way. The interior does have an older charm with the wood stove and a time period mural behind the full service bar, but all of that charm was cancelled out since I got the most uncomfortable vibe from the woman tending the house/bartending. She showed me a photo of the one girl that she had working and mentioned that one other was nearby if she wanted me to call her to come over. With quite a bit of hesitation she finally called the one girl who she had in house and got a tour. At the back of the large front room with the bar is a dancing area complete with seats and a pole that then connects to the back hallway that contains doors to rooms and VIP rooms. This was the only brothel that I noticed that had the girls living in separate quarters than the party rooms. She explained on one side of the hall is where the girls live and on the other side is where the girls negotiate and entertain the clients. Towards the back was a VIP area with a Jacuzzi to which she mentioned some clients come to the house and stay for days at a time partying with girls. I asked if it gets busy there and she said it does, but at random times with no rhyme or reason. I asked who comes by to visit the most (I thought it would be more locals since Ely is pretty isolated) but she said it’s usually truckers and people passing through. She also mentioned that locals are timid and won’t even venture to that part of town. Besides the weird vibe I got from the madam, the girl I spoke with was very nice and friendly and if it were a different time of year (since December is so slow for them as well) there would have been more girls.

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