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Las Vegas Escort Agencies: How Do They Really Work?

I have a lot of customers who see me through agencies I work for who are confused and a lot of times want to argue about what and what I do not make out of initial fees. Lately the trend is for people to argue that I am lying about how much of the fee they paid do I actually keep. When I tell them honestly I make nothing out of it they cry bullshit and sometimes it ends up souring my mood when people want to argue right off the bat. I mean if a fee is a couple of hundred dollars and the girl actually got to keep a portion of it then it would be along the lines of $50 which barely fills up a tank of gas these days…

So my point to all of this is to share with people how things really break down here in Las Vegas with escort services compared to other cities. Things work differently everywhere you go when trying to find an escort whether in the U.S. or abroad and hopefully I can explain things that go on behind-the-scenes with agencies.

Each company works a little differently but all around they generally follow the same guidelines:

Company #1: One of the main companies I work for relies solely on the referral business from cab drivers, limo drivers, and VIP hosts. Since cabbies and the like can be tough to deal with this company has been forced to raise their fees up over the years that I have worked for them. Their fee is now $250-$300. Yea it’s nuts and it does sometimes cause problems when customers really don’t believe that I walk away with any of that amount. Believe me I don’t! This is how it breaks down:

$250 fee collected = Cabbie gets $200 of it + $50 goes to owner of the company
Girl is tipped lets say $400 = 20% to the phone girl who booked the call and depending on the tip the company gets what’s called a “bring up” of $25. The more the entertainer gets tipped… the more the “bring up” is. Each company has their own “bring up” levels.

In the end, this example of a call gets split up like this
Cabbie= $200
Owner= $75
Phone Girl= $80
Entertainer= $295

Company #2: This example applies to a number of other companies I work for. They advertise by handing out those cards on the strip, magazines in the racks on the road, mobile billboard trucks, and the internet.

The fees range from $100 a girl to $250 depending on the where the customer found the advertisement and can be lowered depending on the circumstances. This fee goes 100% back to the company. The entertainer works off of tips after the fee is collected and is up to the girl to negotiate that of course. Some of these types of companies charge 10% for the bring up and 20% goes to the phone girl.

For example if a girl made $500 tip and picked up a $150 fee it would break down like this:
Owner/Company= $200 ($150 fee + $50 from the 10% “bring up”)
Phone Girl = $100
Entertainer = $350

So why do I work for agencies? You can read that in my previous post about questions asked repeatedly… In the end I just can’t solely live off of my internet bookings. After all this is a town where people act on impulse not necessarily something they would plan as much as if they were back home.

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14 Responses to “Las Vegas Escort Agencies: How Do They Really Work?”

  1. Emilie Says:

    Damn! And I thought the agencies I’ve worked for were tight. I’d get half of about $300-$350, which sucked, and they’d only tip $50 max. Usually $20, and some not at all. And the agencies I worked for didn’t screen well. I was sent to people after midnight, some of them drunk, high, or just plain jerks. One guy was mentally ill and I suspect secretly filmed me. Indy has been the way to go for me, but I’m not in Vegas.

  2. Annie Says:

    That is insane! My fees are high but the girl gets the most. She is doing all the work!

  3. jaecyn Says:

    Damn, sounds like the phone girls have the potential to make some great money. How many (successful) calls in an evening would they typically field?

  4. lasvegascourtesan Says:

    Yea… I know compared to a lot of places it is high but I think in order to make yourself seen and stand out in Vegas you have to spend a lot on advertising. Plus the fee to get the license to run an outcall service is absolutely crazy so… you have to charge that much to stay afloat.

    Yea the phone girls do have some potential to make some pretty awesome money. One company I know for actually had a tip cap and the company kept the rest… which I think is pretty shitty. The thing about phone girls is they make commission so.. if the entertainers have bad nights and make nothing, so do the phone girls. They could work for 12 hours and make 20-40 bucks but the next day they make 1,000. Las Vegas is so unpredictable so I couldn’t give you an average of their successful calls.. also depends on the size of the company. I think girls at the larger company make on average 200-300 a night while girls elsewhere may average 100 a night

  5. Jaecyn Says:

    I work in finance which is commission as well, if my employer tried to cap me I’d be out the door and working for his competitor before he finished his sentence. That’s not cool at all.

    I’m in Vegas may 29th, haven’t had any luck finding your ad on Eros yet, though I haven’t had much time to surf it, lot of ads there. You should email me 😉

  6. Fifty-One-Fifty Says:

    I kept 50% of my “dancing fee.” I heard rumors in Vegas that the girls working for agencies didn’t get any of the fees, and only got tips. It’s competitive, so I understand it in many ways.

  7. Jenny DeMilo Says:

    whoa that’s rough.. i though LA was tough with a 50/50 split. (phone girl tip outs and drivers fees) But i totally get you gotta do what you gotta do, its a tough biz and its getting tougher everyday. only the strong will survive in this economic down turn.

  8. mandy muse Says:

    That is perhaps the most terrible system I have ever heard of. It rips off you, it rips off the customer, it puts the phone girl in a rotten position – the only people who make out are the cabbies and the agency. I don’t know how you do it!

  9. Steve Blacke Says:


    Again, great post with lots of information here.

    While browsing, I find some independents require a lot of information as well as references from other escorts. While I completely understand this and don’t have a problem with name, hotel, showing ID, etc., I am very uncomfortable giving some of the information that they ask for.

    So what sort of information can I expect an agency phone girl to ask for verses an independent for verification?


  10. lasvegascourtesan Says:

    I personally don’t ask for such silly things since this is a tourist town with men who call escorts only when they are in Sin City… and not anywhere else. Hard to get referrals or any of that nonsense from potential customers. I ask for the same thing the agency does here… First and Last name for customer, cell phone (if available), room number and where they are staying. I ask for the last name to make sure the person is really staying at the hotel/room or not… not to do some background check.

    ID’s are irrelevant… the government makes the IDs so of course the cops can get fake ones.

    Elsewhere? Maybe agencies don’t ask for such information.. worth trying for sure.

  11. amber Says:

    Its not as bad as people make it seem though. If you look at it in a different light, if you work for a bigger service you just look at it as the fee is 150-300 for each call they give you. Not all services work with cab drivers.. that sounds really scummy and dumpy. Thats what alot of strip clubs do as well. They make money off the cab drivers and the cab drivers make alot in return for the client drop off. Agencies that rely strictly on advertising and have a higher call volume usually charge 150-200 and u can tip the phone girls but moderately unless its an extremely good call. the tips you collect are your business

  12. Smith Says:

    I have a question, so when the girls pay cash to a customer how does the agency get the money. I heard of something where they take the money off of a credit card that a girl has. Is this true?

  13. Brian Says:

    What if when you pay the agency fee of $250, and the girl show up and than negotiate the price, but the price the girl is asking was too high? Can you ask for a different girl or it is pretty much too bad, that you won’t get any action instead spend $250 to just see a girl and do nothing?
    And does the girl charge by hourly?

  14. LV leading Phone Girl Says:

    I run an agency here in las vegas…and phone girls do well, so do agencies and so do entertainers. It costs alot of money to operate phone systems, pay for web designers, computers and licensing…on top of itAGENCIES are the ONLY ones who pay legitimate taxes, because of the high cost to do business. So everytime you run a credit card, that money is taxed as though the agency made the entire amount when in reality, they do have to pay a cab driver etc.

    So agencies may suck, but the good ones are worth it, and the bad ones go out of business in a few months.

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