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An Informational Look At STDs And Prevention

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

I love getting questions to my email and responding as best as I can to them, but it seems like more and more lately I have been getting questions from guys and girls about STD risks and their concerns. With recent fantasy bloggers who post unsafe sex practices while claiming to be real sex workers, I feel like the community needs to be better informed and educated to help protect themselves when seeing providers in the future. It seems like I have to also teach other girls locally in the industry of what are good safe sex practices even if they are only giving oral or a manual release. When I explain to clients at the beginning of the session what my simple rules are, it shocks me sometimes how many people scoff at my two rule list: no kissing and no touching of my genitals or oral on me (well, touching of breasts is okay). They roll their eyes, cry out “why?!”, and very rarely, I even have clients who cancel outright immediately and end the session over this. So I’d like to explain more on here why I have these rules, and why you should have these rules, as well, when experimenting with anyone. By the way, I will only cite references to the website. It’s commonly cited within medical references and journals for all of the information on sexually transmitted diseases and isn’t open to user generated content like Wikipedia, so at least in theory, it’s rock solid science (government and politics aside.)

It seems like some clients feel justified with getting a sexual act done without a condom by paying more. No price justifies something that could potentially harm your own health and is incurable, even something like oral sex. Both HPV and Herpes (HSV-1) can be readily transmitted through oral-genital contact. This is why it is important to use condoms or dental dam when performing or receiving oral from partners. I also learned something while researching this topic: you shouldn’t use silicone-based lubricants with dental dams. Herpes HSV-1 is more commonly known as fever blisters, but can be transmitted orally while HSV-2 is associated with blisters on the genital area. Both forms of the herpes virus are incurable and medications can only reduce the outbreaks. Also, a person with herpes can increase their susceptibility to the HIV/AIDS virus due to open sores.  HPV is highly transmittable through oral and even genital-to-genital contact without penetration. Also there has been relation between head and neck cancers being linked to HPV when contracted orally… even in this study on couples in which one partner had a form of the human papillomavirus. In the study they tracked the spread of the disease between the two partners. One study notes one case of contracting HPV between scrotum and anus — just from the skin-to-skin contact.  I always make my clients wash up beforehand to hopefully reduce the risk of this form of contracting the disease even though I avidly use condoms for any sexual contact. This is why on my Twitter a week or so ago I commented on this status update from Angiewa about a prank call she received. Looking at it now doesn’t seem like much of a prank!

This type of contact brings me onto hepatitis. All of the forms of hepatitis can be linked either to bodily fluids and fecal matter. The back door is not too far from the areas we commonly come in contact with sexually which makes it more important to wash up and use protection even during oral stimulation. You can read more on Hepatitis A-E (I didn’t even know there were that many!) here.

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are very common sexually transmitted diseases, of course, and can be contracted orally. Since the bacterial infection of Chlamydia is sometimes a silent one, people can easily go undiagnosed for years. Chlamydia can even be found in the throats of women and men who have sex with an infected partner. In gonorrhea, the bacteria can grow in the cervix, uterus, and the urethra of both men and women. It can also grow in the mouth, throat, eyes, and anus. I found this information about gonorrhea when I took the sexual education class after being arrested years ago and it only confirmed my concerns about kissing and contact even via hand.

Of course last but not least is the importance of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Since so many people know how the transmission of this autoimmune disease is spread, I think it’s what most people use condoms to protect themselves from yet don’t realize there are a slew of other STDs that are so easily transmittable.

Now, I know I am not a doctor nor am I person in the medical field, but I feel like more people need to be better educated of the many ways that STDs can be transmitted and how they are not just transmitted through vaginal penetration, like many believe. I hate to roll out the list of diseases that can be communicable through oral contact when a client wants to argue about my safety rules, but they need to know and educate themselves even if it’s an uneasy topic in the middle of a session. No price nor gift will sway me to change my rules and I hope it will only benefit others to be more aware of the spread of disease.

As far as my personal health goes, being safe has worked for me, and I believe it will work for all of you, too.

The Magic Pussy

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

A girl and I went to a bachelor party call yesterday together and after a number of previous party calls that I ended up not making anything. I was not excited when we stepped in on yet another party. This party changed my luck for the night and we actually started off with decent tips for dancing and embarrassing the bachelor.

After that was all done with the guys gathered some cash to make sure their bachelor friend was taken care of at least with a hand job. Unfortunately we have to do this in the bathroom since their was only one large room. The bachelor sits down on the toilet and after he gets clean and puts on some protection, I start stroking him while the other girl takes her thong off. He isn’t too far from having an orgasm and as soon as she turns around and bends over, he twitches and its all done with. I’d say no more than 2 minutes does this all take place.

We send the bachelor off to see if anyone else is interested in some “private entertainment” with us and one guy steps in the bathroom. After convincing him that we are not just going to give a dance, he tips us for the same handjob. After taking 10 seconds to get hard, the girl does the same move of bending over and showing her pussy. Yet again the guy instantly finishes. Afterwards I tell her that she must have some sort of magical pussy for those kind of results!


Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Cinco de Mayo: One knockout weekend in Vegas

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

They have been advertising the fight for months and months, every showroom in Las Vegas owned by MGM/Mirage is showing the event closed circuit, and the fans have all flooded into town. Personally, I am ready for the darn thing to be over with, but if the money I made last night is any indication of the money in town this weekend then I hope it never ends!

Around midnight to 1am I was getting pretty darn frustrated with one agency I work for. I have been working for them for years and don’t want to lose the priority I have built up with them (it always takes some time for your ability to make money become well known to the girls answering the phones and dispatch the calls), but some of the business practices and new fees have made it difficult to make calls work. There have been several nights recently where I have gone on calls for them for hours during prime times, only to be wasted on calls that didn’t answer, couldn’t get the fee, or got the fee and the client didn’t want to tip which means I walk away with nothing. These are the reasons why a lot of girls don’t like working for services but in my opinion, this way of making money is a little bit safer in Vegas… especially right now.  This company solely works from taxi cab and limo referrals so the fees are higher because the drivers get such a huge kick back. Recently the fee was upped from $200 ($150 to the driver and $50 to the company) to $250-$300 ($200-$250 to the driver STILL $50 to the company) due to competition from other companies stealing drivers. Its insane, and I know every one else reading this will be shocked. You can see why sometimes its hard to collect these fees when all the customer is getting is a strip and I am walking away with nothing if they don’t tip above that fee. So now I am sure many will ask, so why do you even work for this company? It is one of about five that I work for and even though their fees are high, I still do make money from them (though lately some of these nights I run around for nothing) and when I get tired and frustrated of running around for them, I sometimes call off and focus more on other services that I work for.

Anyway… there was a whole point to that diversion. I was getting frustrated last night, like I said, and was really close to calling it quits with them for the night around 5:30am because I was missing calls from other services that I thought would be easier to deal with. I gave in and finally said, ok one more chance but this better not be a waste of time. She swore it wouldn’t. I show up at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay and it turns out to be 4 girls, 2 guys and the agency fee is $250 a girl. Jesus Christ, I thought it was supposed to be good?! That means the fee is $1,000 total? That’s absolutely insane. We go upstairs and the two guys are here from Puerto Rico for the De La Hoya v. Mayweather fight. After chatting we actually collect the fee of $1,000. All four of us are kind of shocked and start talking tips after we all split up: 2 girls for each guy. The other girl and I get some money upfront to start giving him the minimum hand job when we finally convince him of giving us more so he can have what he is requesting: having sex with the both of us. Though this is probably every guy’s fantasy, it is quite annoying to pull off with two prostitutes. It’s a total mood killer for the guy when we are going through condoms, getting him to wash up or washing ourselves, and constant trips to the bathroom. The guy has sex with her first for about 2 minutes before the alcohol in his system makes him lose his erection, then after more washing and condom changing he tries having sex with me which lasted even shorter before his erection was lost. After an hour he hasn’t had an orgasm and realizes maybe he did drink too much the last night.  Even though that was frustrating, it ended up being a good end to the already decent night.

Lesson everyone should learn? Don’t spend thousands of dollars when you have drunk too much to enjoy your fantasy with two girls.

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