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How To Get An Escort In Las Vegas: A First Timers Guide

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Someone commented in this entry about me making a post about how to get an escort here in Las Vegas for the first time and how to make sure everything goes smoothly to avoid the disaster he went through. Unfortunately there is no easy way or perfect way to go about things since every girl working out here is different, but I can definitely give some pointers. I’ll go through every way you can get a girl here in Las Vegas and what clients can do to make the girl feel more comfortable.

The Girls Sitting At Casino Bars (aka “freelancers”):
I admire these girls who put their butts on the line by sitting in front of cameras trying to score a date. I used to do this but legal matters and such has made me paranoid to continue gaining clients like this. When trying to find a girl downstairs the client should also remember he is on cameras as well and to not try to discuss anything downstairs. The best thing to do when you’ve found a girl is to invite her back to your room for a drink or the likes. Don’t ever ask how much or “what service do you provide” at the bar or anywhere downstairs. Once behind closed doors the girl may strip down and request for you to do the same to make her feel more comfortable. Touching also can make the girl feel more relaxed. If any of these things are requested then oblige by doing so without hesitation so it doesn’t send off any mixed signals. Another pointer is when talking about entertainment never ask “how much for a blow job” or “how much for full service”. Remember prostitution is illegal in the county which Las Vegas resides in. Ask her what her average tip is or just tell her what you are willing to spend and see if she can further explain her entertainment to you. Also keep in mind each girl you meet downstairs is different with their pricing. You may be lucky to find a cheaper but pretty looking girl or run into a high dollar but not so gorgeous chick. If you aren’t happy with how her pricing is going then maybe offer $20 bucks and ask her to leave. You can always try again with someone else and maybe work out something better.

These come in many forms of advertising, which include: cards handed out on the strip, magazines in stands on the side of the road, billboard trucks driving down the Strip or on the side of the road, cabbies/limo drivers, and the Internet (I will discuss more below in its own topic). When calling to inquire about pricing and such they usually try and get a room number and the registered name to confirm you are serious so they can call back and discuss things once you are verified. I understand their reasons for doing this since the amount of prank callers are enormous and it’s the best way to determine the serious from the hoax. The only down side to this is sometimes even if you say “no thanks” they may send you a girl. Of course sometimes Vegas gets slow and they don’t want to miss any opportunity and that’s when girls are sent with or without your permission.
So when calling an agency the price they quote you over the phone is always the agency fee. I have yet to work for an agency that splits anything with the girl so always assume the girl sees none of the fee. If it is possible, try and get the price lowered since it will only leave you with more to tip the girl. Another pointer is to give a good description of the type of girl you want and maybe even give the name of the girl resembles what you like from the card or the magazine. Just know that the girls on the cards or magazines (and quite a bit, online) are models, so don’t get your hopes up that the same girl shows up! Of course, if you don’t like the girl who shows up either before you have given the fee then tell the agency to send you a new girl. Once the agency fee is paid it is non-refundable but even if you do pay it they will send you another girl since the phone girl makes her money solely from the entertainer. Agencies are good in the sense that you can have your choice of a number of girls and only have to dial a number to get one sent to your room fairly quickly. Even though you have to pay a fee for them to show it’s sometimes better than cruising for a girl downstairs

The Internet:

The Internet is a little fishy to determine what is an agency and what is not but there are some obvious signs (to me) that help determine which is which. Whenever the girl answers the phone and says that she ‘answers the phones for the girls’ that is a big sign. Some sites that have multiple girls on it and isn’t an escort directory is probably a service. I know of one agency in town that actually disguises their ‘directory’ for their own uses for their agency ( and charges something like $300 for the girl just to show up. Eros is a hit or miss as well but people like myself have independent ads which unfortunately are thrown in with ads from agencies disguised as independents. I constantly have to try and convince clients that I really am an independent and will prove it when I show up being the exact same girl. Of course, don’t shy away from trying to find the perfect girl on the Internet (or how else will you find me??)

Hopefully I made some good pointers and helped with some questions first timers always seem to have. Remember, every girl here is different with what she charges for entertainment and it’s up to you and her to work that out in the end!

Replies To The Monte Carlo Post

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Wow back from my trip and see people responded quite a bit to my last post before I left.

Since there’s so much to reply to I’ll just make an entry and then in a separate one telling of the horrible situation I had to deal with tonight. What a welcome back to home to Vegas, experience I went through!

Whomever posted as “I”: Unfortunately there’s no easy solution to pin pointing ads on eros or some such as agencies just by looking at them. Even some single girl independent sites are run through services. You just need to call around and figure things out on your own and if the girl who answers says “I answer the phone for the girls” translates to probably being a service. Dealing with services isn’t a bad thing you just have to understand you’re in for paying a little more for someone to send you a girl like room service. Casino/nightclub girls can be an okay bet but always be cautious of who you take back and not knowing even where she came from.

DRR: I have never heard a story like that but I have heard of girls getting fake chips (like what they sell in souvenir shops) and I have had a guy try to give me a chip from a roulette table (same kind of chip for tourney’s). I completely don’t doubt a poker player trying to pull some game like that. .. thanks for reminding me to watch for the annual poker players at the Rio! Can be a good crowd 🙂

jaecyn: Wow really sorry to hear about that… sad to hear you also picked up the phone so easily and resorted to calling security. I really hate it when people don’t just say “hey I don’t like you leave” or some other lame excuse and immediately shoo the girl off. Calling security when you haven’t even given her money is kinda like tattling to your parents when your sister is bugging you. In the end it makes everyone look like an idiot by reacting that way. You did the right thing when you got the phone call from the “driver” … next time just say leave I don’t like you than resorting to such unnecessary measures.

I can’t wait to write about the horrible mess I went through tonight… can’t wait to talk to my lawyer on Monday, too.

Still Praising the World Series of Poker

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

After everyone left town for the holiday plus the other holiday of 7/7/07 (I couldn’t believe the number of people trying to get married… and who are now suing because it wasn’t what they hoped it would be). Things fell a bit quiet the last few nights. I have worked and not quit to make an amount I am trying to aim to be at least my minimum (I wish it was higher than my minimum, of course) but thankfully I am getting that. Of course I am still hearing girls moaning and complaining about how slow slow slow it is, but I am still praising the poker players here for WSOP. Thanks guys! You save me at 7am when I think there is no one left in town looking for some fun!

Night before last I was at the Luxor Hotel going to a call for a guy who called off of my Eros ad. Of course I was extra careful since I don’t like the Clark County Detention Center and he quickly passed my safe customer check list. He tips me decently and I leave the room and stop off at the gift shop for a drink before I walk out the front doors to my car parked in the front. As I am walking by the hotel registration, I look up to the third floor (the hotel floors above are open to the space of the pyramid inside which is pretty awesome looking from the top) and I see about 12 girls lined up and the first half a millisecond I thought “why would a bachelorette party be lined up… ohhh damn”. About that time I look to see if their hands are behind their backs, then notice the security guard in the front and two guys behind the girls. A vice bust! I get a good look at the undercover officers the best I can from the ground floor and don’t recognize either one of them and make mental note of their faces/hair styles. This bust and tip I heard later on that night of a girl who recognized a vice officer at a Caesar’s bar, further proves what I have been suspicious of before. When it gets a little slower around town, vice takes the opportunity to round up girls. They know that some girls are desperate for money and do or say things they won’t normally do just because they need to make it work that bad. That’s what happened to me the last time I was busted… it was slow and I tried to do whatever I could to advertise and make cash since the services were dead. Now I know better and keep my ears perked.

A Rare Vegas Rain Storm

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Yes it’s actually raining in the desert. I love the rain lots except when I am working. It turns a night that could be good into a no call night. If you don’t have people walking down the strip or around town then you have no way of reaching them with advertising except with Internet or Yellowpages. Only one of the companies I work for now even use the Yellowpages and the rest rely on advertising on the streets. The reason why more companies don’t use the phone book is because of the incredibly expensive rates you have to pay every six months to keep an ad. Takes so many calls constantly to even break even on those ads. I understand why most companies stick to people passing out cards or little magazine stands.

The only call I received tonight was from my Eros ad from a guy at Circus Circus who had a bad listening problem. I really hate it when people call and don’t say hi or “my name is” and immediately just ask, “what do you charge per hour”. I respond with, “Well I like to come meet you and talk to you in person first but my entertainment starts at $$ and goes up from there. I don’t have any specific rates for hour or half hour it just ranges depending on the level of entertainment.” I know quite a few girls in other cities work on an hour or half hour rates, but what girls ends up doing around here is charging for whatever act they perform. I do take my time and all because I want the customers to enjoy themselves and not think I am just running off. Anyway, this guy kept pushing me to say what I do for my minimum price and what sexual acts does it include. I say that is illegal and I don’t like to talk on the phone anyway like I said before. I suggested for me to come by and meet him under no obligation (to perform my little tests so I feel more comfortable) but he just responded with an “I’ll call you back”. He called back 10 minutes later again asking me more pointed sexual questions and how much to get out of the atm. I again repeated that I would love to come meet him but I cannot answer his questions without coming over first. He said another “I’ll call you back”, but of course he didn’t. I am sure I frustrate a lot of guys by saying that I would like to come over first but they have to understand that no one can talk about sexual acts over the phone. In the end, maybe I am the only frustrated one

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