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Even The Escorts Get Scammed

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

So I have mentioned scams that happen in Vegas, but more and more recently I have heard of girls who have been scammed, or attempted, through their ads online nationwide. I know this has been going on for a number of years because I received one of these funny calls years ago and smelled a rat before it even got to the point that they asked me for money. Recently the calls have been picking up again and just now received and email from a reader who unfortunately fell for their tactics.

The call goes something like this, a rude and impatient man calls claiming to be a VIP casino host who only deals with big rollers claims to be calling from one of the major casinos in town. He tries to offer a deal a girl just can’t refuse. Large amounts of money for several days with said client (sometimes throwing out a celebrity name or professional sports team) in exchange for signing some sort of waiver that says that I will not spill the beans to the media about said celebrity client. This is all meant to make the girl believe that this is some serious, real deal going on. I never got past this point because I would never give anyone my real personal information, and more obviously, I would never oust myself to any media outlet just because someone was a celebrity. I am discreet and would only be hurting myself to try to blackmail someone just because of their “status” in society. I usually get rude back at them and hang up…

What’s their point behind all of this? Eventually the “host” ends up asking girls for money as some sort of deposit to hold this too good to be true client, or told that it’s an application fee and they will be chosen after review. I hate to hear that girls have fallen for this and have no idea how much they have scammed out of but remember this rule: NEVER pay any client or so-called host to see a client. You provide your services for a fee, you don’t pay someone to hold a client. Whatever money they offer, it’s too good to be true and move on. Also, never give someone your real identity to see said client. Your personal safety and well being are far more important than whatever they have to offer. So, be careful out there girls and ignore these scammers!

A Round Of Putt-Putt Golf Anyone?

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

I always love calls that make me go, “Oh well that was an inventive idea” and is outside of the normal, frank request of “I just want to have sex”. It was early on Friday when a girl and I get a call to Mandalay Bay for a group of three men in their 40’s. I walk in and see golf balls all over the floor, the coffee table is moved and the desk is pushed up against the wall. A putter is standing up next to the TV stand and a wooden practice hole exactly like in the picture is in the middle of the room. I make a joke about, “Round of golf anyone?” and they chuckled back nervously. I sit down on the couch and start explaining how things work and trying to get the company fee out of the way. Neither one of us were explained what the group originally had in mind for the hour, but he had explained in detail to the girl on the phone. By the way, I hate how we don’t get explained things sometimes before arriving to the room. Sometimes the girl forgets to tell us, plus a lot of times they are just to busy to take the time or remember to explain, but either way it makes us unprepared and the guys always seem slightly frustrated when they have to explain their story a second or third time.

Anyway… the guys explain to us that they had been thinking and dreaming about this sexy putting golf tournament for a while and decided to execute their plans on their next annual trip to Las Vegas during March Madness. They said, “We wanted some naked ball girls to bend over and pick up the balls for us while we played our little tournament here.” I added, “Oh and how about we can be sitting with our legs spread while you make your shot to distract!” They laughed and thought that was an even better idea. The major problem, though? They had little to no tipping money over the company fee for the hour. A stripper would have made more dancing two 3-minute songs at the Spearmint Rhino than we would have hosting the mini-tournament. I was kind of bummed because I like new and different ways to spend my time on a call, but alas it didn’t work out. The guys were disappointed too and gave the “But you’re not doing much” line so we should be happy with the small tip. Wish I could oblige but companions still get paid for their time. Even if it’s being paid to be a ball girl.

CES, AVN, And The Sexually Uneducated Client

Friday, January 15th, 2010

I was fairly pleased with the outcome of CES this year. It was so slow before then that I was starting to worry about the start of the new year. I know that in years past when I have been here for CES I was quite disappointed, but this year it put a little pep in my step.

I had noticed a ton more girls freelancing in the casinos and the variety that seems sort of out of place for the usual Vegas prostitutes. I had some image in my head of a venturesome group of pimps in Southern California who thought it would be a good idea to pack up their girls in airport shuttle vans and take them all to Las Vegas for the convention weekend and drop them off.  Another thing I wondered as I watched two girls walking around in matching gold hot pants/romper outfits who were definitely porn stars, was “How many of these porn star girls or porn groupies get arrested by vice because they are being overly sexual yet breaking no laws?”  Haven’t heard or read any figures on that one but if I do I will definitely post them.  I am sure there are quite a few mix-ups and the porn girls get mistaken for prostitutes.

So I had posted an update on my Twitter about being amazed at people who are so in the dark about basic sexual education or human interaction. The client was a conventioneer visiting from a New England state but had moved to the US from India 7 years ago.  He first started by replying to my greeting of, “Hi, How are you?” with, “How much are your services”? Since I was there for an agency I had to slow him down, collect the agency fee first, and then move on from there. He reluctantly gave me the fee since he assumed I was having sex for the agencies money. Then after he stripped down and I stripped down he was all over me like a kid in a candy store. I had to calm him down since he was getting way too carried away, grabbing forcefully, and looked like he was about to lick me like a dog.  He calmed down, apologized for being excited (which is okay of course!), got to talking about entertainment and what budget he wanted to work with.  Right off the bat he was asking for almost two hours of full service for barely over what the company was making (which I think was around $100). I said I would be more than happy to please him but his demands were way off. He finally understood why his money wasn’t buying so much but said that was okay, he liked me too much for me to go.


So I excused myself to the restroom and he followed me saying, “Do you have to pee? Can I watch? I want to see!” and was forcing the bathroom door open as I was trying to close it. I explained that would not be included with what he paid, he sighed and went back to the room. After I finished, I told him it was his turn to clean up since his terrible comb over was matted with oil from not washing it and deemed a good rinse off.

So… as for the actual entertainment it went quickly and was minimal, but what got me afterwards were his questions. This poor guy was completely lost. He first asked me about my “vagina”, as he put it politely. He asked, “Where do girls pee from? Is that what the clitoris is for? I have heard about it feeling good”.  I was shocked but didn’t want to make him feel bad for being uneducated and explained what the clitoris was for and how we peed from underneath. His next question was about dating. He asked, “How do I date? What do girls like?”  I had to answer this question carefully because he was in desperate need of a haircut (I say shave it all off don’t mess with what little hair you have left!), had a huge long beard I could tell was tucked like most Indian men who are Sikh (but he claimed he wasn’t), and needed some brow trimming (had one brow, not two!). I told him he should go out, find someone good, and treat himself to a day of pampering. I told him girls like guys who are confident and who take care of themselves so treat yourself well and maybe get a new more confident look. He was happy with my suggestions and went on to ask, “So where do I find dates?”  I kind of giggled at the question but really had no clue.  I only gave him the suggestion of staying away from bars and he thought maybe the internet would be better.

Did I mention this guy was almost 40?

It shocked me at the time that he would be so uneducated and opened my eyes more to how other cultures treat sex education as a sin and avoid it almost completely. Hope my suggestions helped!

Crazy Stories Part II: The Demanding Client

Monday, July 6th, 2009

This story is an old one and never had someone give me such an ultimatum before even meeting them. I remember this one the most because I was new to escorting and was really green with clients and what they requested.

I go to the Rio hotel and call up to the room to have the customer meet me downstairs since security always would check keys there. He thankfully answers the phone and says, “Well… did you bring them?” Huh? I am confused and since this horrible company would never tell me what the client wanted or requested before I showed up (they were really terrible at that and made things embarrassing) I had to shyly reply, “Uhm no… I don’t know what you’re talking about”. He sighs and says, “I will ONLY come get you if you have a pair of stockings … don’t fool me if you don’t have them then I will kick you out, you understand? Call me back as soon as you get them and I will come get you” and hangs up the phone before I can say another word.

Unknown to him, he is lucky I have $5 in my purse and run into the gift shop where they have a cheap pair of stockings. I reluctantly buy them (you never know if they will even spend the $5 to recover your losses) and call him back. He asks again, “You have them? I’m only coming down if you do, so you better…” I told him yes and suddenly got nervous. This guy’s tone is more demanding than anyone I had met at this point and it worried me, what if this doesn’t work out?

He comes to get me and we go upstairs. He easily gives the fee and tips less than average for a fetish request but enough that I make things work out. What did he end up only wanting to do? For me to wear the stockings and rub them on his legs while he masturbated. In the end it was easy for such a stern guy from the beginning. Of course looking back on this now being in the business for years, this wouldn’t seem demanding at all… just his attitude made me nervous.

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