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944 Nightlife August – Las Vegas Courtesan

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

So the magazine finally came out! I went and looked on Monday for a copy but the places I tried hadn’t received their new editions yet. I’ll have to look some more this weekend. Either way you can check out the full page view on in their magazine flip book page 44.

Here’s the original photo I took so you can have a better close up look and actually read the blurb underneith :


She’s unrecognizable on the street, and she goes to great lengths to keep it
that way. The Las Vegas Courtesan, an anonymous area escort of five years,
operates a popular blog where she shares her thoughts, x-rated photography
and humorous stories, and does her very best to educate the public on how the
adult industry really works. And while it is perfectly OK to look — as many as
several thousand people view her blog each day — don’t ask her to touch. “I
get crazy offers with people wanting to book me through my blog, but it was
created to be a creative outlet, not for advertising myself,” the VC says. “I never
have and never will use it to book an appointment with clients. My anonymity
is very important!”

Las Vegas Sex Clubs A Public Nuisance?

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Really? Does the county really have that much time and spare tax dollars to deal with cracking down on this?

This has been going on for a while now in the news first with an article back in April and now with another man who has been denied a license to operate – literally next to the the Green Door – is suing the county for damages of $75,000. He states the county rejected his license over the 45 day approval period and that they are enforcing their codes with discrimination since there are obviously other businesses in the same complex operating with similar licenses.

With the first story I was glad that the manager of the Power Exchange is trying to fight the legislation that says that these clubs are a public nuisance. The man involved in the second story unfortunately I think has quite a fight against the county. First of all,  he could have waited to start his improvements to the aging building  until after his license was approved, but also at the same time there shouldn’t have been an issue since this unit originally housed the Green Door and was using the same licenses as other clubs in the area. Secondly, I think there is discrimination all the time with the county and how they enforce their codes and giving one business favor against another and then claiming the reason why the Green Door is still in business is because they haven’t caught them “in the act”. Really? Either way I don’t think that these clubs should be harassed so much, and see no issue with the businesses being in operation since they generally promote safe sex practices and provide a safe way for people to explore their sexuality (each room usually had a monitor of some sort to make sure no one is being forced or uninvited into a sexual act.)

In the end what makes me really mad is the statement of the law saying that sex clubs are a “public nuisance.”  I could think of a lot more things in this city that are a public nuisance than these clubs. If you go to the East Sahara Commercial Center that is mentioned, and where a lot of the clubs are located, you will never see people outside causing a problem nor will you hear loud music or noise coming from the clubs. People aren’t running around outside wearing leather and chains, screaming, and having sex either (though that sounds kind of fun!)  So really what defines these places as being so bothersome?? I have also never seen the cops called out to these places or acts of vandalism occurring outside, but where I have seen a lot of these problems are at the “spa clubs” and parlors that I talked about in this entry I wrote. I know of a a few agencies not too far from these clubs and the cops are called out several times a night due to clients being angry and violent, pulling out guns, or these places being robbed. I have also witnessed damage to the building/windows of these places due to drive-by brick or stone throwing most likely caused by clients or other rival clubs. These places definitely ARE a public nuisance and only make my job as a sex worker in Las Vegas more difficult. I constantly have to prove myself to the men who are ripped off by these joints that I am different and will provide a service, not a hand and ear massage.

Like a reader said in one of the comments on the Las Vegas Sun, Sin City is turning into the place where tourists come to get ripped off and giving our town a bad name. The county commission is once again trying to make Las Vegas into a kind of Disneyland, just like Vegas tried in the early 90’s – an attempt that failed miserably. I think the commission should do their job and find the real public nuisances of our town – the places that are ripping tourists off – not crack down on the sex clubs which are clearly not ripping anyone off or forcing anyone to do something against their own will. Those patrons are all 100% consenting adults exploring the sexuality, which, like it or not Clark County Commission, is one huge reason people come to Las Vegas. Give Las Vegas the sin it deserves and is known for or there is no reason for the tourists to keep coming back. It definitely makes my job a lot harder if no one comes here.

Has Labiaplasty Increased Due To Porn?

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

I know this is relating more to the laws of published porn magazines in Australia, but I am sure that it has an effect on our culture as well since magazines want the girls to look so perfect and “tidy” as they say. Thought the video was really interesting and wanted to share! I am curious what the girl looked like after the surgery in the video. I am sure she was sore for a while!

So do you think the typical type of labia you see in publications has an effect on your opinion of what is a “nice pussy”?

Photo Of The Day – Welcome Home Gift Of Boobs

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

In case you don’t follow my Twitter feed… had to share a shot of the boobs from yesterday on here. Love how big they look! Also a side note, no I didn’t get a new set of boobs while on vacation. Then it would have taken all of the fun out of the trip, I think.

On another note, I found out from someone through email that I was named Las Vegas’ Best Blogger by The Las Vegas Weekly for 2010! Wow. Who would have thought my blog would have gotten this far in the past few years.. I’m honored and now must fill some big shoes to keep it up! Thanks and hope you all keep reading!

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