The Las Vegas Courtesan

Villa Joy Brothel

 I liked the way the Villa Joy looked when I pulled up. It was inviting with a big window in front and a bright red neon sign glowing into the dark and casting the whole parking lot in a red haze. You could peer into the front room where you saw girls sitting around at a front table sitting in high backed arm chairs with an older style fringe lamp that gave off a red toned glow. In the background you could barely make out the full bar and a bartender. I don’t know if I would have gotten the same moody feeling if I had visited during daylight, but the red glow and front of the brothel made me want to go in and visit it first.

I went in and was greeted nicely from the girls hanging around the front. I somehow immediately noticed the CB radio tucked away near the window which is used to advertise and lure the passing truckers in from the interstate (their lot was definitely big enough for large trucks.)  If I remember correctly, there was a side door to a pool table room where some of the girls were hanging out as well. As soon as the bartender notified them, I had a line-up of four girls since I wasn’t allowed to sit at the bar and mingle (rule for visiting female clients only.) I didn’t get a tour since this brothel was quite small and the negotiations were all done in a front room to the right. This negotiating room was also dimly lit with a red tone and parlor arm chairs, but oddly a bed mattress and frame were laid against the wall like it was a storage area as well. Seemed odd and out of place.

The girl I spoke with was very pretty and nice, but seemed to be confused about her own pricing and what the house requires. There is a $100 house minimum, but they mostly sell time. She told me to “add a zero to the time” to get the price, but then she had a separate minimum price for 1/2 and 1/2 (half oral, half penetration) for men. I thought you sold mostly time? I guess she was covering her bases if the client was on a budget and to not frighten them with her original quotes. All in all I liked the quaintness of the brothel and the mood, but was turned off by the silly “no ladies at the bar” rule. I might have actually stayed and hung out if it wasn’t for that… oh, and I had a bunch more brothels to see that night.

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