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Sue’s Fantasy Club Brothel

  I went to Sue’s Fantasy Club thinking it would be open and in operation, but I still can’t figure out 100% what is their status. When I went by the house, it was early in the afternoon and there was no answer. I thought perhaps it was too early since the holidays were fast approaching or maybe they weren’t open because they didn’t have any girls available to work. Now their website is down and I found a recent article about a man trying to purchase the brothel, but was being denied by the city since he was unable to prove where his money to purchase the brothel was coming from. Does that really matter anyway? Obviously the man isn’t some drug runner, but looks like an older man that thought his cash was better kept in a safe than at the banks.

You can read more about the event of his license denial here. Of course if I find any new information or if anyone knows of any new information about its state then leave a comment.

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