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Legalize Prostitution In Clark County?

I ran across this story about how the question of legalizing prostitution in Clark County has come up again since the economy and casino profits have fell. A few years ago Mayor Oscar Goodman was criticized for even half mentioning changing the laws to allow this, but now State Senator Bob Coffin has suggested the change (I’m sure he isn’t getting as much grief as the poor mayor did). They also want to tax the bordellos, strip clubs and escort/entertainment services to help fund our ailing education in the state and so why not add bordellos to Las Vegas?

My opinion? Not a big fan of this proposition. It seems to me that the only people that truly get rich in the bordello industry out in Pahrump and in Northern Nevada are the owners of the houses. After watching documentaries and listening to girls experiences of working the brothels, it has made me change my mind somewhat of moving legalized prostitution here in Las Vegas. If they had it legalized so I could still go to hotel rooms and not be in fear to present some sort of menu? That would be nice, but it would never happen. They would keep the workers in a house and in a certain area of town to make everyone happy. It would make prices go down for the workers and more would be taken from their earnings so we wouldn’t make nearly as much money. Of course I would like for there to be a standardized way of making sure the current girls are all healthy and certified but I don’t know how that would work in a new legalized system without there being too much control over the industry as a whole.

I do agree the states education system is in desperate need of help and our Governor seems to keep screwing things up by cutting funding in all of the wrong places though during his campaign he claimed he would never touch education. Of course he lied and now they are cutting 30% of education when the system already can’t keep up with itself. I happened to drive by the rally they had at UNLV the other night and was shocked at the thousands of people rallying. Maybe taxing the current sexually oriented businesses would be a good idea but it shouldn’t just be limited to them. I think such entertainment companies like Pure Management and Light Group (the people who run the large nightclubs in town) who charge $400 bottles of Skyy vodka should be taxed too. After all they’ve been hiding the thousands of dollars that gets passed to their door guys unreported.. how about they fund education too? It’s all really screwed up though and there’s no easy answer

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5 Responses to “Legalize Prostitution In Clark County?”

  1. Flyinfox_SATX Says:

    This is a good post. Lots to think about. I have always thought that legalizing Prostitution would make it safer for all involved but maybe I am mistaken in that I don’t know the nitty gritty of the business. Certainly the tax dollars would be a good way to help our economy but I am waiting to see about the accountability. I have a feeling our new Prez will be firing a lot of people because there will be no responsibility taken in middle management when the shit hits the fan…

  2. Neil Says:

    I have changed views over the years on the issue of legalization and the feasibility of same. Recently I thought again on this issue when it was revealed that The Netherlands much ballyhooed legal red light areas merely allowed organized crime to totally monopolize the business. Even just licensing the girls and ensuring health checks leaves them open to control (harassment) and arrest by zoning requirements. But If any plan will work it probably only work in Las Vegas provided the regulating agency can keep crime and corruption at bay. Continue to enjoy your pic’s, BTW what kind of camera and lens to you use?

  3. lasvegascourtesan Says:

    I use a Canon 40d with the most ghetto wireless remote I could find on ebay that was compatible (the Canon ones are just priced insane and this one works 80% of the time).

    Yea it may all work here in Las Vegas but some of the agencies are corrupt here and the drama between them can get nuts and I am sure it would get worse with a ton of competition that legalizing prostitution would bring. Like I said I am all for legalizing it if I can still go to rooms like I do now and not be stuck in a bordello.

  4. RP Says:

    If they legalized brothels in Clark County there would only be so many and you still would have the same illegal prostitution going on to meet the demand. If they had it legal where you could go to hotels on outcalls you would have even more competition. It would be nice if they could just occasionally give a summons or citation for soliciting and grade it a infraction or violation which is less than a misdemeanor and not a crime. No arrest, no fingerprints, no criminal record just pay a fine. If you received no more than 2 or 3 three tickets a year (if that) and pay no more than a $250-500 worth of fines per ticket it is a better trade off than the state legalizing it and taxing the hell out of you. As far as money for education I have never trusted the government when it comes to what they really do with tax dollars especially taxes from legalized gambling or legalized prostitution.

  5. DR.VEGAS Says:

    Co-Sign with most of what RP writes.There’s no upside for your margins if you’re:

    A) Stuck in some bordello.
    B) Taxed to death.

    The first thing governments do when attempting to shake down the public for more money is threaten to cut-or actually cut-education.There’s PLENTY of money to properly educate children.There’s just not enough to maintain the bureaucracy and it’s sacred cow programs…and it’s high overhead in the form of sweet benefits (defined pensions,coverall health & dental plans,etc) for teachers & administrators.You know-things YOU don’t have…and/or things you have to pay much more for if you do have them. If higher taxes was the answer-CALIFORNIA would be paradise instead of the multibillion dollar deficit-ridden HELL HOLE it has become.They’ve had much more money to play with than Nevada.Where’d it all go? IGNORE the recent transplant to this state who tells you Nevada needs to tax itself in ways large & small.These people came from states ( California,NY,NJ,Illinois) where they did just that.It worked so well that they moved here.

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