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Two Girls Brawl In Las Vegas Bally’s Ends Up In Murder


Not too often do you hear stories about people murdering people inside of major Strip casino hotels, butapparently this happened last night between two prostitutes. Unfortunately I only became aware of this incident after being inside of Bally’s on some ridiculously large bachelor party that was getting rowdy. I almost panicked when I became aware of it because this is not the kind of publicity us girls need in Strip casinos.

Apparently two of the three girls were arguing in the lobby of the hotel when one girl pulled out a knife and stabbed the other girl in the neck. The victim walked out into the valet of the hotel where she collapsed and later died at a hospital. Though the newspapers don’t have the motive, one girl at the large bachelor party that I was at in Bally’s said she knew one of the girls from a friend. The motive was something along the lines of one of the girls had a baby by a guy who was now with the other girl and was mad about it. Of course this is all hearsay from a girl, so who knows what the truth is, just something I heard through the “hooker grapevine” as one cop called it a few years ago. Lets hope this doesn’t backlash working girls in casinos, because the last thing I want is drama over something like this.

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3 Responses to “Two Girls Brawl In Las Vegas Bally’s Ends Up In Murder”

  1. neil Says:

    As someone who has never attended a bachelor party with purchased entertainment I have a couple of questions. With all the hoops some escorts jump through to protect themselves how do you protect yourself at a rowdy party? Also how do you negotiate for services in the same atmosphere? With each guy through the night or in advance? Years ago when I was in the service I heard a story of a similar bachelor party and the girls were taken by some of the guys (all drunk) driven off in a van raped and left in the next town. The way they told it is was all good fun and did not cost them anything.
    By the way love your photo’s especially the B&W’s.

  2. Real Pimping Says:

    Very sad indeed. Sometimes people do crazy things when in a jealous rage including killing someone. After they are locked up unless they are a totally ignorant fool they look back and say “What have I done?”, but it is to late. When you kill someone it is final, you can never make it right with that person or their family because you can’t bring that person back. I would not be surprise if the woman who killed the other woman was drunk, high on drugs or both.

  3. Rob Smith Says:

    Would anyone know a young couple escorts or otherwise who would have sex with my wife and I if we come to Vegas. We are in our 50s.

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