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The Worst Security In Las Vegas Award Goes To…… Mandalay Bay!

I got back into town on Thursday evening and called onto my services but got too tired before anyone actually called me. Friday I work and do quite well for my first real day back and was happy… the weekend can only get better right? Wrong.

I get a call to the Mandalay Bay from the service I work for that only deals with referrals from cab and limo drivers (their fee is a little higher) and meet up with two other girls I know quite well in the room. It’s a large bachelor party of about 10-11 guys and we pull aside the best man (who arranged the call) to a side room to collect the fee and figure out what kind of party they are looking for. One girl explains to him very clearly that this fee is not ours, we do not profit from it and only gets us there and a strip and tips determine the party… once this is collected there are no refunds (because then WE would have to pay for it!) He says it’s no problem he understands and gives the fee. We called to tell the company and proceeded to get naked for the fee. One girl started tips off a little high, I admit, but then we calmed him down to say we will start for whatever tips but we need to know what the budget is. They come back with the figure (from 10 guys) of 100-200 split between 3 girls for a full on party. Sorry but can’t do it. Two of the guys get ticked, don’t want to work things out, someone puts a chair in front of the door and watches to make sure we don’t leave with the company fee. The rest of the guys are pretty okay with what happened and said to let us leave and understand 50 bucks a girl wont cut it. We even offered to stay and dance for the bachelor privately for the small money they did have. We were calm, cool, and trying to work it out.

There’s always one asshole at every Bachelor party and this guy was a big one. He first of all interrupted any talking about working things out with “give us the fee back and you can go, if not I will first call security then Las Vegas Metro”. Wow is it really that necessary to go threaten us like that? Ten/eleven guys versus 3 girls… I think we are outnumbered. He picks up the phone and a few of the guys were just like “go”… so we did and walked down the hall. We get on the elevator and it goes down, unknown to us The Asshole had caught up to us and saw him as the doors closed. We all say split as we get off. The doors open and about 5 security guards were standing there. Holy shit.

I try and walk off around them as they snagged the other two girls as I exclaim I don’t know them. I get around the corner heading straight for the front door and a public sidewalk when a guard runs back up to me grabbing my arm exclaiming “You’re coming with me!”. I know my rights and know he just broke a few laws by forcefully grabbing me. I don’t remember what I exactly exclaimed but I did shout, “you can’t do that! You can’t touch me! I did nothing and leaving out of the door!” I put my hands up to show I wasn’t struggling and he fought back throwing my arms behind me and trying to squeeze me in handcuffs . What the hell? I said what did I do that I am being put in cuffs and he never replied. He pushed me along saying I am going to the back now for not complying. I said tell me what I have done to be taken to the back… silence. I said what am I under arrest for and he said I wasn’t under arrest. So why did I have cuffs on and being drug thru the WHOLE casino floor to the security office? How embarrassing.

So we get to the back… me in handcuffs and the other two girls have their mouths wide open that I am being led in cuffed up. We sit and wait and wait… over hearing comments of us being charged with felonies of grand larceny by Metro because the customers were pressing charges. Then we overheard one Mandalay Bay security supervisor calling us “trick rollers” and chuckling then being corrected by the police officer that we actually were not doing such a thing. We finally got to explain our side and said we don’t care about the fee and will give it back to the guys to avoid felony charges (of course). All three of us had been trespassed on an MGM property before so we all three got misdemeanor tickets for trespassing. Thankfully no one got taken to jail.

So… I am just livid about the whole security situation over there and how the walking penis of a guard handled things. I know that what happened was not done properly and totally will be making sure that asshole is reprimanded for his actions. Grrrr

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  1. jaecyn Says:

    Wow. Sorry to hear about your night. Sounds like most of those guys were alright, though I’m curious why they couldn’t seem to contain the one guy? Whenever I’m out in a group and there’s one loser drunk guy, we put him out of his misery and into bed. Hope that you got the name of the security goon at least?

    As per your reply in the previous post.. I had actually asked her politely to leave (twice) and given her $40 for gas before she went into the bathroom, to no effect. She was determined for me to give her 600 regardless. In my defence as a first timer, I was warned on numerous sites that if at any stage something seems wrong, it probably is and to abort. I knew she was calling someone while in the bathroom, and I really didn’t want a no neck goon showing up at my door. I do see your point however, perhaps I did overreact? Hard to say in hindsight. I wish things had gone better, as it is I don’t know if I’ll try that again. C’est la vie!

    Perhaps you could write something for new players on how a smooth transaction should go, so both sides are comfortable? I’d probably feel better about trying again with advice from the other team. Is it normal for the escort to refuse to discuss anything until she’s paid? That was what set my alarm off. Saying it was my first time probably wasn’t the smartest in hindsight either.

    Regardless, I really hope you keep writing. I enjoy checking your blog. Take care!

  2. lasvegascourtesan Says:

    Well unfortunately when one guy acts erratically the trend is for his friends to go along with him.. so a few other guys started to get antsy and one reacted by putting a chair in front of the door. Actually.. from what I could tell they weren’t drunk and the asshole was just being an ass. Plain as that… yes I made sure I got the name of the goon and badge # 🙂

    Well if you asked her to leave twice and gave her 40 bucks then you were probably dealing with a service who wanted some sort of cancellation fee.

    The thing with services/agencies is you have to give the agency fee first before discussing tips with the girl. All girls work differently so it’s hard to give a general price girls will charge. I have never heard of a girl asking for 600 upfront no questions asked… but its more common for a $200 fee or so and then talk tips. I explained a bit over here which I am sure you read. I will try and write an entry next about how to properly get an escort here in Vegas for the first timers.. whether its a service, a girl at a bar, or if you luckily find an independent online.

    BTW, I ask people if its their first time because I like to explain things thoroughly so there aren’t misunderstandings… not to see how I can rip people off. Most girls ask so they don’t have to repeat their schpeel.. it gets old!

  3. I Says:

    Thanks for your response, welcome back, and sorry to hear you went through that kind of crap on your first weekend back in Vegas. I hope someone teaches that goon a lesson on how to treat people.

    Good to have you back and posting!

  4. chs Says:

    Whatever deal you have worked out with the cabbies is going to backfire. People don’t mind paying for services. What they do mind is expecting to pay X and being told, at the last minute, that they have to pay Y as “tips”.

    You need to work out a different deal. The cabby’s quote should include a base pay for you. Tips should be extra. If guys know, going in, the exact cost, they won’t have a reason to get hostile. The guys were jerks, but I understand why. They were looking forward to a fun night, only to be told home much they would have to tip. Doesn’t excuse it, but your price quote is not appropriate if it doesn’t include on what you insist on being paid.

  5. chs Says:

    By the way, I know that is how agencies work, but if you do have an actual, printed piece of paper that describes what you described in the previous post, at least it lends more credibility to what you are saying. As well, the cabbies should mention that you are working for tips only.

  6. lasvegascourtesan Says:

    Well this would all be easier if things were just legal here, but they aren’t. This isn’t a brothel we are trying to send to a room… legally as a license holder in Clark County Nevada when you get a permit to be operating an outcall service (which is what every business advertised on the streets, cabs, magazines, phone books, and such) you can only legally sell a girl to your room and a strip. Thats it. You can’t sell a dance, a massage (we aren’t license masseuses) or any other thing because its flat out illegal.
    We would walk into the room and be arrested. Period. So how do we get around that? We say the girls works on tips and since we are independent contractors we negotiate our price.
    In fact legally, in strip clubs here and back home where I used to dance, I can legally say my lap dances are 50 bucks on the floor when the base rate is 20 bucks. Thats because I am not an employee of the club I am an independent contractor … so I can say what I want. It would be a dumb move there but you can do it…
    As well, cabbies are damned idiots sometimes. I hear them calling up literally selling a piece of ass in the background on the phone and the girl corrects him saying “what are you doing!? How do you plan to get paid? These girls work for tips and the customers need to know that”
    By the way, these guys knew they had to tip.. the thing was they didn’t WANT to.

  7. Navyguy Says:

    Hope that you keep us updated on the legal proceedings against the Mandalay. I would really like to see you compensated for your embarrassment and grief.

    I have enjoyed this blog for over a year, and really think you should get started on that book.

    I am in the Middle East right now but should be in Vegas for my Birthday in November. Hopefully, you can point me to some quality entertainment. Keep the posts coming.

  8. lasvegascourtesan Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement… So far on the legal front of the situation. What sucks is pressing things against the guard and a whole new legal battle that would take forever and I wouldn’t see benefiting myself. Sucks… one thing I hate is the legal system, for sure.

    Hope you have a good time here for your birthday!

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