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Tips For Booking An Escort Online in Las Vegas

I saw a comment someone posted (number 6) on this entry and thought, “Hey that would be a good idea for a post!” At first I thought it was spam but I don’t think it is… well whatever the case is it gave me a good idea. Basically the person listed a whole bunch of sites which are not related to each other (some are owned by the same agencies though) and asked which ones would be good to deal with and which ones had their real girls pictured, etc. I wont list these sites again because, hey, they are my competition! What I will do is give some pointers to people who do shop around on the web for escorts and maybe how to save a little cash.

Escort web sites in Las Vegas are a dime a dozen. There are some companies that own several sites as a group but unless you really know the owners personally, you might not know that from just looking at them. For the most part, the girls on these websites are just models. Due to sketchy owners around Las Vegas in the past I don’t sign model releases so that my pictures will go on their site for fear if I quit working there my picture will stay there, plus a lot of girls are scared they will be found by friends or family. There is no guarantee that I will even actually get the calls from my ad on their site so why bother? I have independent ventures of my own and would like to keep it that way. Usually what happens is the phone girl tries to match up the girl in the picture with a girl who looks very similar to the model the guy is requesting. Some people are honest about this practice and some just take the chance. Some guys understand, some get pissed and won’t let the girl into the room. I understand if a guy gets pissed because you’re starting the whole thing off on a lie.

Eros, at least for Las Vegas, is a hit or miss. I have my own personal ads on there along with some of the girls but I would say approximately 50% or more at models that ring a number to an agencies office. Usually when the girl says “it’s $250-$300 to reserve your time up to an hour and get me naked” it’s probably a service. When I get calls I quote my minimum to start and tell them how that isn’t a fee but any other entertainment I can discuss in person and it goes up from there. If we don’t work something out then no hard feelings… just gas money would be nice. I have never had anyone turn me down once they met me ๐Ÿ™‚

My hint for saving money? If you are for sure you are dealing with a service (don’t try this if you aren’t sure) then try to talk the fee down and see if they will still send you a girl. It may or may not work depending on the company or the phone girl. It leaves more money for you to tip for what you really want.

Another tip… if you find a website that you like and want a girl, the best way I think to get a girl you like is just give the phone girl a description of what you want. If the girl who shows up isn’t what you like, they can always try again. After all they want to make you happy and spend your money, of course.

Most annoying thing to me? Is when I explain I am 100% independent and tell them there isn’t a fee just to show up, they argue or hang up. Don’t always assume the girl is from a service!

Well… I haven’t been working much lately this week due to an out of town visitor followed by a respiratory infection. Yuck. I sound lovely.

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4 Responses to “Tips For Booking An Escort Online in Las Vegas”

  1. Steve Blacke Says:


    Thank you for these tips. I didn’t use an escort this weekend, but if I had, I had my heart set on some specific girls. I may have been disappointed, maybe even thought it was some kind of set up or scam if someone else shoed up. Now I’ll know what to expect and if I happen to get the girl as pictured, it will be a bonus.

    Oh, and although I may eat spam, I would never send it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks again.


  2. lasvegascourtesan Says:

    I mean.. of course I don’t want people to shy away from giving it a shot and calling who they see and getting them to come over. Some agencies have models along with their own girls. If you get what you want, pay for it… if you aren’t happy then don’t. I have had too many people pay me an agency fee then try to say “well you weren’t my type anyway I want my money back” when I specifically say before paying anything, “if you like me and want me to stay, then pay the non-refundable fee.” I don’t like to put myself in a bad situation and make people feel like they were deceived. Thats why I explain things!
    Anyways I ranted.. sorry you didn’t get anyone during your trip!

  3. Steve Blacke Says:

    Don’t fret – I’ll be back as a better consumer in October. I’m figuring out what’s most important and what’s not, so even if I don’t get the “pictured” girl, I’ll get one that’s close.



  4. Year One Online Says:

    Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I found a link on Furl telling that the info here is quite decent. Thanks.

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