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The Naked Man at Circus Circus..

A funny story from a month or more ago I think back to and still chuckle about…

I get a call from an agency saying to go to Circus Circus the Manor buildings which are small older 3 story cheap rooms in the back. Basically, if really can’t afford the rooms in the main part of Circus Circus then you can go for the more budget option in the back of the property. I groaned at the location of the call but.. hey, you take what you can get.

These buildings have two entrances and are only accessible with an active room key so I call the phone girl to get him to come downstairs. A friend answers and says he is down there looking for me which makes no sense because he doesn’t know me. I look for him at both entrances and then I see a man wearing only a big t-shirt go back in the entrance furthest away from me. I fear the worst: this is probably the customer wandering around the building drunk and looking for his hooker. I take off towards that entrance and when I get there he is in the lobby area wearing this ratty t-shirt and NOTHING else. No boxers, briefs or shorts… just a large 50 year old wearing just a t-shirt and his small package poking out from under his gut and t-shirt. It took everything to hold in my laughter.

Once back in the room he takes off this shirt and walks around butt ass naked in front of his friend. The call itself went alright in the end but it was just too funny. Come to find out, him and his buddy were big Harley-Davidson bikers.. how macho!


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2 Responses to “The Naked Man at Circus Circus..”

  1. Tabu Says:

    I used to think men had more innate dignity, but as I continue in the escort world, it’s clearly not true, as you have so humorously pointed out… I have one client who sits on my sofa after our session with just his socks on. He looks so silly, it’s hard not to keep my laughter in. One time I asked him if his feet were cold (I’m in Miami, so not likely), and he just looked down at them and said “Nope!”

    I give up!

  2. subnouveau Says:

    That is hilarious!
    Tabu that might have been my ex-boyfriend. I think in two years I never saw that jerk’s feet!

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