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Waiting For The Fall Pickup…

I have all of these entries and stories I want to write about but I am having a hard time sitting down and writing them! So I do apologize…

Well I made it through September (which is the second to slowest month of the year… December being the slowest) and October has picked up some but the usual $ isn’t there. Lets cross our fingers!

It’s been a long time since I had a bad call but last week was the first time in maybe a year something happened to me. I don’t want to focus on the negative, but I had 3 Chinese men push me and pull me and ended up grabbing my purse to take the fee back. Thankfully nothing was in my purse or the fee… I had stuffed it in my pants. Thanks to whomever random tourist who had heard me screaming in the hallway came up and scared the guys off of me. I thought it would have never ended. I don’t understand how foreigners think that they will get sex for $100 when I clearly explained things to them. A hundred dollars won’t even get 2 people a decent meal in this town so why would I entertain for $100?

In other news, the infamous Mustang Ranch reopened a few months back. This was the first licensed brothel in Nevada in the early 1970’s but was shut down a number of times due to the owner’s feuds with the IRS. Tisk tisk. A real estate investor bought it and apparently turned it into a nice looking place that even I would like to go visit. You can check out more about the crazy history of the brothel here

Why I was interested in the reopening of the brothel was because I read a book a number of years ago by Alexa Albert that really intrigued me about the whole bordello life in Nevada and it was written while she stayed at the Mustang Ranch to observe. I didn’t live in Nevada at the time nor was I an escort then. It was a peek at a mysterious life and it was written well. I personally couldn’t see myself working in a whorehouse out in the middle of nowhere in the desert for weeks at a time. The house takes half plus you have to pay a little for your room and food. The other reason I could not see myself at a ranch is the girls end up having to do things that I don’t want to do. I don’t let clients perform oral sex on me nor kiss on the mouth and it seems like that is almost a requirement there.  My reasons aren’t because it’s “personal”. It’s for my health, safety and really… I don’t want it. Simple as that.

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  1. Diana of Calgary Says:

    I have always been intrigued with the idea of working in a Nevada brothel. That was then. I wonder what it is like now in the age of pornography and the Internet. It seems to me that even brothels are faced with outsourced, offshore competition. I think of places like Thailand or those upscale resorts in the Caribbean where vacationing gentlemen can choose an in-room companion for the duration of their stay.

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