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I’m Back Like Brothel Advertisements in Las Vegas!

So between going on trips out of town and fighting off some sort of horrible bug going around town, I haven’t been up to much else but ignoring my blog! Now that it has gone so long without a post it’s hard to get back into the groove of things and check on it and read stuff daily. Got to work on getting back into the routine, for sure.

September has been a sluggish month, for sure, but I was kind of expecting it since last year this month was completely DEAD. So dead it frightened me. Everyone’s kids go back to school and so there isn’t so much off time for people to make their pilgrimages to Las Vegas to indulge in their sins … aka, me!

One thing that has happened worth noting and has been in the news recently is the ban that was lifted off of legal brothels advertising in counties where prostitution is illegal (Clark and Washoe). (Las Vegas brothels have been allowed to advertise their brothels located near Las Vegas, Nevada online all along.) I don’t understand why this went on for so long. I guess owners forgot about their First Amendment rights? For 28 years?  Someone finally challenged the ban that was placed in 1979 that prohibits these establishments from advertising in Las Vegas and surrounding area and in Reno. Glad to hear they won that but I still don’t see too much of a threat from these advertisements for the legal brothels. Las Vegas’ nearest brother is the Chicken Ranch or Sheri’s Ranch, which is about 60 miles away. That’s one heck of a cab ride or you can have them pick you up as long as you are spending a certain amount of money at the ranch. Even then, I couldn’t imagine traveling that distance horny only to show up and maybe not like the girls. I have seen clients who go out there only to come back to say they are pricey and the girls weren’t top notch to charge those prices. I might end up charging the same as the girls there (sometimes less), but who doesn’t like room service that comes with tits and ass?  It’s all about convenience.


2 Responses to “I’m Back Like Brothel Advertisements in Las Vegas!”

  1. John Says:

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  2. Diana of Calgary Says:

    I really like your sense of humor! That’s a great turn of the phrase – “room service that comes with tits and ass”. I agree about the convenience factor. However, don’t you just hate those customers that expect you to arrive in less than 30 minutes? Like you can immediately drop whatever you are doing, and that you are hanging by the telephone already dressed to the nines and ready to go?

    Maybe if we had those Star Trek transporters. You know … the model that transports you from A to B and replaces your clothes, refreshes your makeup and does your hair on the fly.

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